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  1. Good Morning All GamingCasuals is a brand new gaming community aiming to bring people of all ages, skills and platforms together from all over the world, that have a mutual love for all things Gaming. We currently have a community Forums, Discord Channel and a Game Server running. Our forums can be visited at: Www.gamingcasuals.co.uk & Www.gamingcasuals.com We currently have a game server running on 7 Days 2 Die, with the aim to have more 7D2D game servers and other games. We look forward to welcoming you all to our community and seeing you within our servers Dingz
  2. Dingz

    Hello All

    Hello All New to the forums here. Im an avid PC Gamer mainly playing FPS and survival games. Currently setting up and modding a couple of game servers
  3. Welcome to the forums Dingz :)
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