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  1. Well I opened another ticket, I hope they can figure it out.
  2. Indeed, didn't notice that. That is pretty long, I checked the logs and all other transitions had been smooth, kinda in same second or next second. Any insight what can cause that, as I am only guessing here .
  3. Well I hope you guys can figure out what the problem is, and maybe add some fail-safe. Support said its highly unlikely a problem on there end. So most likely its related to ET or the mod. Have to go sleep
  4. Well it was not there backup, as it was not running at that time, but few days before. Also they never had that issue with a sqlite database getting corrupted by there backup.
  5. Hm well, the server is running on Windows. Kinda surprised that the library is served by the OS.
  6. I have opened a ticket where the server is hosted, and asked them if that file locking could be possible. And referred them to this topic. The underlying library, is compiled into the mod? I couldn't see a separate dll for it. Firefox , yeah can be a pita. I suggest to create a new profile, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles You can just create a new one, and see if it helps, before deleting the old one. And besides that I noticed firefox to crash lots on some flash ads. Really annoying stuff, if you have to incorporate those ads on a website and your browser is constantly crashing, after 2-3 refreshes of the site. edit: They replied, Since I couldn't rename/delete that file (cause its windows server), I suppose ET had it locked for its own use.
  7. I found the spot in the log, but I sent you the log by PM; since it might contain sensitive data - not sure. Please only share it with - well - just keep it private. Server has not been shutdown, and it was running already lots of maps before that. Only thing which got recently changed - few weeks ago, is that map voting is enabled. No new lua scripts or anything since longer. Could this indicate corruption/troubles with harddisk?
  8. Looks like we lost data. Not a fresh install, quite old one. Would there be something relevant in logs? I can dig out older ones, if wished? edit: the other files where fine, I copied all other files from the "database" folder into a new one. Changed the server config to that new folder - and restarted the server. That worked fine.. What is that file good for anyway? I thought its for xp, but apparently everyone had there xp after restart..
  9. *=====INITIALISING USER DATABASE * Opening user database file userdb.db. * Opening user database file userxdb.db. Existing userxdb.db file is for wrong server version or corrupted. *=====DATABASE IS NOT IN USE I got these in the log, and the userxdb.db is actually empty.
  10. great the comment was actually right.. Usually people started a map on the command line already.. thats why its a bit awkward. // server doesn't recognise the campaign command when the gamecode isn't running yet.
  11. so in server.cfg just have map oasis You usually need to load a map before starting the campaign. But maybe that does not apply to silent. On the other hand you said you tried loading the campaign, so that sounds like manual loading - and it still crashed.. so yeah post your pk3. set d1 "clearspreerecords ; campaign hhbotmulti172 ; set nextcampaign vstr d2" set d2 "campaign hhbotmulti173 ; set nextcampaign vstr d1" // server doesn't recognise the campaign command when the gamecode isn't running yet.. map oasis wait 100 set d_initial "set g_gametype 4 ; map Atlantic ; set nextcampaign vstr d1" vstr d_initial
  12. Thanks a lot Dragonji! Haven't considered searching in Bug Tracker.. I expected this has been fixed already. Wanted to switch to silEnT mod, but this really is to troublesome to ignore for me, cause I use to many maps. And bundling them into one big pk3 is no option either - lol.
  13. Just inquiring what is the state on the problem with max gamechars in silent mod?
  14. Excellent! Thanks for the work!
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