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  1. I want to ask what are the future plans for Omni-bot support? I think silentmod will always support the newest version of Omni-bot...,but my question is will support the older Omni-Bot versions too? What are the future plans by improvements? Is itpossible to support more Omni-Bot versions at the same time? Regards (CWL)Batyesz
  2. @Chuckun Aha Thanks I found it on the following link: http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/index.php/Silent_FAQ#Forcecvar_.26_sv_cvar Thanks. @gaoesa Thanks for your answer and useful link Regards (CWL)Batyesz
  3. Is there any way to force clients to different settings? I used nitmod before, and nitmod has had the following features to force clients to different settings. : forcecvar [cvar] [value]sv_cvarempty sv_cvar [cvar] [mode] [value1] [value2] EQ vagy EQUALG vagy GREATERGE vagy GREATEREQUALL vagy LOWERLE vagy LOWEREQUALIN vagy INSIDEOUT vagy OUTSIDE INC vagy INCLUDEEXC vagy EXCLUDE or sv_cvar cg_bobup IN 0 0.005sv_cvar cg_fov IN 90 120sv_cvar r_ambientScale EQ 0.5 Is there any way to force clients to different settings in silentmod too.I know the mod supports the Lua scripting but the lua is only server side so I can't force clients! Thanks for help and for answers! Regards (CWL)Batyesz
  4. Thanks for answer but where can I find the standard weapon preferences? Dragonji I can remember you Were you member of NQ team?
  5. Is there any chance to add this funcion to the silent mod in the future? Regards (CWL)Batyesz
  6. 5 years ago I used noquarter on my server. There was an instruction how to scripting weapons under noquarter. Have the Silent mod too any instruction page for weapon scripting? Or the nq instructions are useful for silent mod too? http://shitstorm.org/noquarter/wiki/index.php?title=Weapon_Scripting On the noquarter site was a page about different weapon preferences, you was able too see the default preferences of the weapon so you was able to see the standard values if you wanted to change them. Is there any site about silent mod weapon preferences like this? : http://shitstorm.org/noquarter/wiki/index.php?title=Weapons_Overview (I am sorry for strange links but I think noquarter is fully dead and nobody can use it anymore because of GUID creation problems...) Regards (CWL)Batyesz
  7. Thank you for help On te next week I will begin to translate all and write my own cfg I didn't see it sorry
  8. I have a question. Since 1-2 weeks ago I decided to change my clanserver mod to silent mod. I can't change 1 setting so please help me! I can see the Engineer can use both SMG types MP40 and Thompson no matter wich team he is playing. Can I disable this function? Is it possible to set for the allied team only allied weapons and for the axis team only axis weapons? Regards (CWL)Batyesz
  9. Hello, I am (CWL)Batyesz a.k.a. Peter Laszlo. I am playing since 11 years. I create my clan 10 years ago. We are still live I am hosting game servers since a couple of years so if I can help please let me know and I can give resources for testing. Naturally we can help building websites and can provide some ET Servers for developent PLease let me know if I can help. We are planning some improvements on the websites and servers, both are under construction so I think we will change our mod to silent mod because it is much more better and the technical support is unbeliveable how I can see. The (CWL) Clan send their Greetings (Sorry for grammar mistakes, I think my German is much more better ) http://www.cwlclan.com Regards (CWL)Batyesz
  10. Welcome to the forums (CWL)Batyesz :)
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      Thank you very much :)
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