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Issues under Linux

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I implemented Omnibot into a Custom mod. Works fine under Windows.

But under linux there is one Error: G_Script_ScriptParse.

The Error comes if i do a mapchange with vstr nextmap.

Tested it with 0.85 / 0.87. ( RTCW Version )

What could be the issue? 

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set m01 "set g_gametype 5; map mp_assault; set nextmap vstr m02"
set m02 "map mp_base; set nextmap vstr m03"
set m03 "map mp_beach; set nextmap vstr m04"
set m04 "map mp_castle; set nextmap vstr m05"
set m05 "map mp_sub; set nextmap vstr m06"
set m06 "map mp_village; set nextmap vstr m01"
vstr m01


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I only set omnibot_enable and omnibot_path. Other cvars are default.

I have installed iortcw-1.51c.

When I compiled s4ndmod, I added RTCW_VERSION_0_83 into the header file code/game/Omnibot/rtcw/RTCW_Config.h.

I only tested a dedicated server. I don't know how to build client binaries. There is no makefile in cgame folder.

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