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Temporarily disable a specific bot shooting

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Good morning,

I have scripted a system which automatically tracks a vehicle movement to adjust mortar targeting all along

When the vehicle is at a destructible like a barrier, and that destructible gets planted, I'd like the mortar bot to stop shooting, but keep its goal (so stay crouched and deployed), until everything is either defused or destroyed

I've looked at the dontshoot command to see if I could use that; I see there's a Shooting Disabled flag

Is is a right way to go? If so, how can I set/unset that flag through script?

Thank you in advance



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The command dontshoot is used to disable attacking enemies. It does not work for scripted goals (mortar, grenade, airstrike).

You can modify line 72 in file goal_mobilemortar.gm:

if (!Map.DontShootMortar) {

Then set Map.DontShootMortar in planted/defused/destroyed triggers.

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Do you think this is something that could be added in OB, so it's available to all?

I don't think other weapon goals (especially large radius, explosive-kind weapons) would benefit from that (a simple make unavailable is fine, for e. g. airstrike/arty), so that they would do something else

Only the mortar has that deployment requirement, with large radius/damage

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Thank you very much! ^^

It seems the forum's account can't be used to login to the Wiki, and creating new accounts seems disabled; is it possible to either get an account or that you add that documentation to the mortar page? ^^"

Edit: Just realized this will suspend ALL mortar shooting, just not one btw ^^" This perhaps should be something like this.Bot.DontShootMortar?

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