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Gate opening not working

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I'm getting a bit tired, so I thought I should write again.

I created a nostalgia server for old friends and this became the opening map, but I failed to solve two problems. 

This is a modified version of the basic mp_base with a flag raid mission. I moved, modified, deleted the waypoints of mp_base to run bots only on the main playfield the other half of the map is not justified. So I cut the unnecessary routes.

The first problem I couldn't solve, even with tricks: Allies won't open the gate. I soon realised that it was probably because in all versions of mp_base so far, the gate opener is up! On this map it is down. So the bots refuse to deal with the switch, so the gate never opens without the player's help. How can I change it to open the gate?  

The other problem is that the flag is picked up by the bots but they don't know to move the blue one to the red place, the red one to the blue place (swap them). Would it help if I issue the commands "allies", "route", "team2" and "team1"? (Only then do I have to make a separate path for "team1" and "team2"?)

Map : ctf_base + bots files: way+gm 





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If you look at the ET map "mp_base" this has the same gate & looks to be based on this map (with an Alien instead???).

Ignore / remove "LimitClass = (1<<CLASS.COVERTOPS)," in the script, as that's an ET thing

This will give you the base to study

If you just want the allies to open & the axis to close you could just use 2 switch goals but you might find the bots fighting over the opening & shutting the gate all map, or just the allies opening the gate may work better? These this would need to be enabled/disabled in the script to stop them just opening/shutting the gate.

You need to disable some of the goals you have created for Teams, Normally I disable all the goals 1st

Util.DisableGoal( ".*", true );

Then enable the goals you want the Teams to use

SetAvailableMapGoals( TEAM.AXIS, true, "DEFEND_.*" );
SetAvailableMapGoals( TEAM.AXIS, true, "FLAG_Blue_Flag");
SetAvailableMapGoals( TEAM.AXIS, true, "CAPPOINT_Blue_Flag");

SetAvailableMapGoals( TEAM.ALLIES, true, "ATTACK_.*" );
SetAvailableMapGoals( TEAM.ALLIES, true, "FLAG_Red_Flag");
SetAvailableMapGoals( TEAM.ALLIES, true, "CAPPOINT_Red_Flag");

You will need to create the 2 CAPPOINT goals where the flags are to be taken.

The ROUTE goal is just used to define more than 1 route as a goal from a location i.e. the spawn to flag_goal rather than taking the shortest path (Routing)

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1 hour ago, MickyP said:

Ignore the bit about looking at mp_base, I wrongly assumed that there was a paththrough on the map (will see about fixing it)

Managed to do a fix on mp_base faster than I expected, it's set for all bots just to open the gate if it's closed. I don't know the map well enough to know if the axis would want to shut the gate but that would work better with a switch goal activated by the gate opening trigger rather than paththrough.

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Thank you all! I am getting more and more involved in this... I managed to do the Allies, but I don't dare to do the Axis, lest I ruin what already works. All the Allies have to do is open the gate and nothing else. And the switch is not right...but the bots will go around if I can't fix it... 
Can I ask a question about map script here?

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For the Axis I would use a Switch goal just to shut the gate & set the paththough waypoints to allies only as an option. This can be looked at another time.

If you update the waypoints / script I can have a look & see what is wrong.

I learnt by asking questions (a lot of questions) so if there is something you need to know & I (or someone else) has the time I/we can try & answer.

Some of your questions on MapScripts might be answered here




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Thank you! Yes, I have created a route for the Allies, they will hijack the flag and take it to their own field, that's all I have managed to do. I will have more questions for sure... 😀 Here are the updated files and thanks!


By the way, I found the .way file elsewhere (Wolfbot). I converted it from this, it is usable but...not the real one, I uploaded this one too. Rename the WPS to .gm or .way. It works in both cases.  (Although this wolfbot conversion never worked for me. The last step does not happen...)

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