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RTCW Waypointing/Goals menu

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I'm trying to create a version of the DMS for RTCW but I can't work out how to add a text box for naming the goals waypoints & groups

The ET version uses

I don't even know if the above commands are coded into omnibot RTCW system life they are in ET, cs helped me with this section in the ET version so I'm not sure if this was already in the code or added.

I have a working beta version of the menu so the rest I can do, it's the text box that I can't do.

Is this something that can be done?

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I'm just helping someone out at the minute, trying to teach a few things without taking over.

Getting the DMS to a workable state is my 1st task before getting into the waypointing. I have been doing a bit.

I noticed that stuckstart / stucknext are missing from the Commands in RTCW, appears to work fine when I added the code from et_commands.gm into rtcw_commands.gm, I only have assembla/et access, so I can't update any RTCW files.

A few corrections to do due to the ET/RTCW differences, but the menu is working & taking shape.


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  • 3 weeks later...

It's about 93% done

1% tweaks / code clean up
1% cheat menu minor fix's (getting sv_cheats within the game was a challenge, but got working)

5% is the goal/target/waypoint etc naming.

This last 5% is where I can't go any further.
I can see the new coding in cg_main.c, I just don't have the understanding of c++ to compile this for testing.

I have managed to get a text box to work but I have no idea if what I've done will work for naming the goals etc.
I know there is a issue with the text not clearing after pressing ok, i'm unsure why this is.

This last bit is where I'm stuck

Is it possible for someone could check my coding to see if this would work & if possible compile the code to test this.
The code is over 10,000 lines so it's not possible to post in the forum, I could upload into the ET repo on Assembla if thats ok or is there another option (never used github).
If someone could let me know on here or via PM please

Here's a few pictures of the DMS for you to see:




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I've uploaded the file.

The GoalName Text box code starts at line 10204.

I've commented out the links to the menu & put text instructions for now, you can access it for testing by pressing 'v' (the chat menu) then 'x'
I'll look at restoring the chat menu at a later date.

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I use a UK keyboard, the European keyboards all have slight differences, I can change "- = [ ]" to "U I O P" or even do regional versions.

If you have binds to those keys, they would be disabled when the menu is open.

I don't know what your keyboard looks like to know if that would work.

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The problem is that the file is very long and there are too many menus. Only 35 menus work. Others are ignored. Which version of RTCW do you have ? I use iortcw-1.51c.

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Posted (edited)

"version" is:"Wolf 1.41b-MP win-x86 May  8 2006" default:"Wolf 1.41b-MP

When I was doing the et version there was an issue with the maximum number of menus which might be the issue. CS increased the amount of menus allowed

I just tested in iortcw-1.51c & I'm getting the same issue

I was testing in Omnibot 0.85 which works but not in version 0.90

I can do a cut down version to until the menus allowed issue can be fixed

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