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Botdetect - Enemy Territory LUA

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File Name: Botdetect

File Submitter: hellreturn

File Submitted: 24 Apr 2013

File Category: LUA


-- covert-ops only, logging version + autokick version
-- sten, scoped garand and scoped K43

-- This script was never intended for release. However, once word of it got out, I have had repeated requests
-- and so have responded. It is important to understand what this script does before using it so its limitations
-- are clear. THIS SCRIPT DOES NOT DETECT AIMBOTS. What it does is look for consecutive kills with a limited number
-- of weapons and measure the flux in damage_given (damage/time). The scipt assumes that the damage caused between
-- 2 consecutive kills was inflicted by the MOD in et_obituary. This is a dangerous assumption, and so I have
-- limited the application of the script to sten, scoped K43 and scoped Garand to increase the chances of it being
-- true. Additionally, to help ensure that innocent players are never kicked, the script works on a "strike" system
-- i.e. 3 strikes before the player is kicked.

-- This script was written to act as an annoyance to botters who come on the server when no admins are around. It
-- is no substitute for a good admin and will only ever kick botters using their bots on full.

-- I collected data for ~1 month and analysed it in order to find flux_weapon limits that are not obtained by
-- honest players (certainly never more than once in a map). If you use the limits here, it is unlikely an innocent
-- player will ever be kicked, unless he is repeatedly against a number of afks. I deemed this to be infrequent
-- enough to be acceptable.

-- GhosT:McSteve
-- www.ghostworks.co.uk
-- #ghostworks, #pbbans @quakenet
-- Version 3, 17/2/07


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