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Saints and Sinners ET Gaming Clan

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Wanted to present our Clan here.

Saints and Sinners

We are quite new Clan and this is my first own Clan and own first server.

Here are some details:


MOD: silEnT 0.8.1

Protocol:ET 2.60b


Bots:Yes (but can be removed) ;)

Slots: 27+3



- Antilag is Enabled

- FriendlyFire is Enabled

- Heavy Weapons Restrictions are Enabled

- Balanced Teams are Enabled

- Punkbuster protected

- silEnT AC Enabled

- g_recognition is Enabled

- g_enabledDemolition is Enabled


Current map rotation is with 40 maps.

More info and rules at: www.saints-sinners.org


Everyone is welcomed to play and have fun.

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