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CCx Gaming Community [NOW RECRUITING]

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Hello Ladies And Gentleman, It's KillaDays, head of the Halo Department at CCx.
I bring you a very new gaming community called CCx. We are brand new to the world of gaming, but
we are a skilled and close-knit group of people. Although we are new, we have already started recruiting
people from around the world. We have very few requirements, especially considering
that we play a wide variety of games.

The Requirements are:

-Be at least 12 years old
-Own a PC, or Xbox to game on
-You have to be willing to cooperate with a team
-Have a mic (preferably not Kinect, but we will still consider you)

Message me on XBL at: CCx Killa Days

Website: www.ccxclan.boards.net (please be aware that its still being worked on and developed everyday, so the reincarnation of the website you may see will definitely not be the final version of the website)

Join now and help shape the future of CCx!


Also, any questions, suggestions or anything else is encouraged, so just ask and I'll respond http://343i-uk7.netdna-ssl.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

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