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Found 23 results

  1. Hello pc gamers. We looking for gamers to join Davidscloud gaming community. We are all about gamers enjoying, relaxing and having fun here. Our admin team is always here for the members and the gamers on our servers. This is not a pay to play community so no extra permissions to donors we are all equals here. We run 4 Ark survival evolved servers, One 7 days to die server, one Minecraft server, world of warcraft group and a teamspeak server. We also have a GTA VIII Lobby. Davidsclouds servers are locally owned by the owner of Davidscloud so don't have to worry about any other company intervening with your fun gaming. Everybody is welcome here at Davidscloud. The Simplest cloud out there. Here are some links for davidscloud Website for davidscloud Davidscloud.net **TeamSpeak Address** ts.davidscloud.net **Ark Servers**CenterPVE CenterPVP IslandPVE ScorchedEarth **7 Days to Die** Days to die random generation Map PVE **Minecraft Direct Ip** Port:25565
  2. Hey guys. BlazeHosting is now looking for new friends! We don't have clients, but we do have friends! We are a small hosting company so not many people know us but we're hoping to change that! We have great prices and awesome support. We create all of our servers manually so we can be sure that your server is created right the first time. We have staff available around the clock through skype or our live chat. We are willing to take the time to help you get your server setup; from transferring files, installing plugins, or just learning how to start a Minecraft server, we are here for you. When other companies would tell you that it's your own problem and not theirs, we understand that your problems are our problems and we will go out of our way to help you in any way that we can. Not only do we have amazing support but great specs. Our standard servers include: Normal hard drive Unlimited bandwidth 100Mbps network speeds 100 Gbps ddos protection DDR3 ECC Ram Intel Xeon CPU E5-1620 0 @ 3.60GHz! Our premium servers include: Blazing fast SSD drive Unlimited bandwidth 100Mbps network speeds 480 Gbps ddos protection Automatic nightly backups DDR3 ECC Ram Intel Core i7 9xx (Nehalem Class Core i7)! Our official website: https://blazehosting.org/ Our official test ip: (The Skyblock server is on our basic service. It runs 22 plugins on 1GB ram. The Factions server is on our premium service. It runs 71 plugins and is currently using 4GB ram. This network is in no way sponsored by our company, we just have permission from the owner to show off our service via his network.) We offer trial servers if you don't believe us. Just contact a support agent and we will be happy to set one up for you http://www.mc-market.org/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png We are looking forward to making some new friends! The owner of the companies skype is: blazerunner44 The co-owner of the companies skype is: bp.doesmc The owner of the companies email is: blazerunner44@gmail.com
  3. Red Hands Gaming is recruiting! RHG is an umbrella group that houses two individual communities who have teamed up to create a diverse, family friendly, fun and safe gaming experience to all of our members. Our three main games are Minecraft, Black Desert and Desitny, in addition a full list of our offerings is provided below and will always be up to date. RHG currently has an Enjin forum which will be going through a massive re-design phase in the coming months and has dedicated TS3, Discord and Line servers for you to chat with other members whenever you would like. I invite you to register, introduce yourself and make use of all the resources we have to offer. (if your group is interested in joining feel free to ask about it too) Our list of sponsored games include: Final Fantasy 14 - Excalibur Server (Closed atm)Minecraft - Ultra Survival (extra hard difficulty) and Forge Master (Dream Craft 2 modpack)Blade and Soul - Old Man Cho Server (Cerulean Order)Black Desert - Orwen ServerDestiny - Shinjuru teamLeage of LegendsMario Kart 8Super Smash BrosSuper Mario MakerPokemon - Online/X/Y/Ruby/Saphire/Moon/Sun Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions feel free to ask here or at the forums http://redhandsgaming.enjin.com
  4. http://i.imgur.com/PPS7PGv.png Gaming.exe Community www.GamingDOTexe.com Twitter: @GamingDOTexe Welcome to >Gaming.exe! We are a brand new gaming community which aims to create a friendly & welcoming environment for any and all gamers to discuss, debate, compete and of course play everything gaming! We dedicate our community to a variety of games, and we're on the lookout for some epic people to join our community! About Us Gaming.exe is a small but fast growing community currently occupied by a group of friendly and experienced gamers. Our aim is to provide an extremely casual, enjoyable and above all friendly environment for gamers of all kinds. We support games of several different genres, including SMITE, Left 4 Dead 2, Company of Heroes, Arma and a variety of other games that both our website and TeamSpeak server support. We're hoping to expand into a non-toxic, friendly and engaging community for PC gamers, both new and old, to communicate, discuss and of course play everything gaming! Joining our SMITE Division TeamSpeak 3 Server Gaming.exe hosts its own dedicated TeamSpeak server for anyone and everyone to use - while you don't have to be a member of our community, we encourage you to sign up to the website before you make an appearance on the TeamSpeak, just so everyone can get a chance to meet you on the forums first! Anyone is welcome on the TeamSpeak, feel free to explore our various channels and branches to find the room for your gaming style. We have a specifically designed 'Gaming' section of the forums, which allows users to create their own sub-channel under the game of their choice; allowing for various different groups of people playing a variety of gaming! TS3 IP Address: ts3.gamingdotexe.com www.GamingDOTexe.com We have our own website, as any gaming community does. GamingDOTexe hosts sections dedicated to various games, along with casual discussion and a resolution center should you have any issues with other players, moderators, admins or any other general issues. GamingDOTexe.com is both our hub and headquarters, and is home to all of our important information. If you want to join our awesome community, we HEAVILY recommend signing up, customizing your own unique profile, and joining the conversation! Why should you choose us? Gaming.exe thrives on the motto 'Members are considered friends, and not numbers'. We strongly and thoroughly believe in making every player feel part of a gaming community, and not just another number on a statistic count. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with a friendly, relaxing and fun environment. If you have issues with any other members, we have a dedicated 'Resolution Center' on our forums, and if you're feeling a little shy, you don't have to come on the TeamSpeak 3 Server right away. However you want to contribute to our community, we'll support it! We hope to see you around!
  5. Are you a fan of Minecraft? Are you a fan of Pokemon? Then you are in the right place! Pixelmoncraft combines the two on our player friendly Pixelmon Server. PixemonCraft takes the popular Pokémon-themed Pixelmon mod and makes it multiplayer. Split over multiple servers based on the Pokémon regions from the super-popular Nintendo games, PixelmonCraft not only recreates the areas and towns of those games, but also replicates as much of the gameplay as possible. Animals in Minecraft are not only replaced with Pokémon, but they can be caught and battled with. There are gym leaders to fight, Pokémarts to shop in, and long-grass to avoid. The blocky nature of Minecraft cutely replicates the feel of the Pokémon games, and makes this genuinely feel like an accurate depiction of a Pokémon MMO. There’s an authentic feel of love on the server, with a friendliness and warmth that only forcing cute animals to maul each other to near-death can provide. http://www.pixelmoncraft.com/sites/all/themes/pixelmoncraft/img/pixelmonserver.png Server ip: play.pixelmoncraft.com
  6. We are a minecraft clan that has just started up, and we need members! My username on there is SPCForce, we have forums on our site, a neat home page, news page, media page, events page, and more to be added! We are looking for mature gamers, 13+! My eventual goal for the FireFoxClan is to get a large player base and have many minecraft servers added, including factions as one of the main ones! Currently, there is a prison server called Electrus that you can apply for on the home page! To join, go to: http://firefoxclan.shivtr.com I hope to see you there! ~SPCForce/Leader of the Foxes
  7. http://i.imgur.com/nb2SyS0.png Pwnage Entertainment Network Hey, I am Kurumi and I am one of the Managers at Pwnage Entertainment Network. We are a large and ever growing community with around 1800 members at the moment, we are planning to expand our community during December of 2015 with some new servers such as Garry's Mod : DarkRP, TTT, Jailbreak, Prophunt and Deathrun. We are also planning to create a modded minecraft server with around 50/100 slots and we hope you guys can join us but until then we have our TTT, Deathrun and Prophunt for you guys to come play on if you want to talk to fellow P.E.N players join us on our teamspeak : TS8.GAMESERVERS.COM:9198. Visit our website or steam group for more details! Website - http://pwnage-entertainment.com Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/pwnage_entertainment_network Teamspeak - ts8.gameservers.com:9198
  8. Welcome to Olympus Servers. A division run by Root Layer Technologies. We have teamed up with BuyCraft, MinecraftMarket, Enjin and VyprVPN to bring you guys some truly great deals!
  9. http://absgaming.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/newtsbanner.png Absolute Gaming Website: http://absgaming.net Team-Speak: absgaming.net What is Absolute Gaming? Absolute Gaming is a gaming community focused on providing every player with a unique, fun, safe, and secure gaming experience. There are many different types of gaming communities out there but what makes Absolute Gaming different than the rest is the community, how it's managed, and what we can offer you. Our community is comprised of gamers, students, teachers, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends. We truly care about each other and love hanging out together. It is managed by a group of 6 Admins who make decisions based on what is best for you and the Community as a whole. If you want us to start sponsoring a game, help you find a ranked team, give you a private channel where you and your team can practice all you have to do is ask! We strive to listen to you and want you to be as happy and content as you can here! If you need tutoring for school we have teachers on the server that will help you! Anything we aren't offering or you would like to see all you have to do is ask! What type of gamer is AG good for? Casual? Serious? Very Serious? We have gamers of all types! What can we offer you? Private Rooms on our Teamspeak Private Team Rooms on our Teamspeak In-houses and fellowship Casual game nights (where we play Cards Against Humanity, Online Board Game, Town of Salem and more!) Tournaments for League of Legends (RP Prized!) -See further down Streamers/Streaming Channels and Support on our website! Coaching Tutoring and more! Tournaments we offer for League of Legends: 5v5 Solo Entry Tournaments every Friday and Saturday 3v3 Solo Entry Tournaments every Monday 5v5 Solo Entry Tournaments every Wednesday Prizes for the Tournaments: First Place: 1600 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 4-Win IP Boost (for every player that plays in the final round) Second Place:1200 RP, 4-Win IP Boost (For every player that plays in the final round) Third Place: 800 RP, 4-Win IP Boost (for every player that plays in the final round) Fourth Place: 400 RP, 4-Win IP Boost (For every player that plays in the final round) Times for League of Legends Tournaments?: Solo Que Tournaments (Friday, Saturday, and Monday) ▬Registration▬ 8:00 pm EST- 9:00 pm EST 7:00 pm CST -8:00 pm CST 5:00 pm PST – 6:00 pm PST ▬Games Begin@▬ 9:15 pm EST 8:15 pm CST 6:15 pm PST Times for Wednesday Tournaments: ▬Registration▬ 7:00 pm EST- 8:00 pm EST 6:00 pm CST -7:00 pm CST 4:00 pm PST – 5:00 pm PST ▬Games Begin@▬ 8:15 pm EST 7:15 pm CST 5:15 pm PST Requirements to become a member: Have Team-speak 3 and a working microphone (we are primarily a Team-speak community) Be a gamer Have fun and obey our server rules (which is basically be nice!) If any of the above interests you I urge you to give us a shot. Let us try to show you what we are all about! Come play games, meet people, make friends, and have fun with us. There is no application process and you do not have to register on any website. Just simply join the Team-speak and have fun! New to Team-Speak? Read below! To connect to our teamspeak, you first must make sure you have the teamspeak application found here (http://www.teamspeak.com/). If you don't, its a quick and easy download. Once you have teamspeak, in the upperleft corner where it says "Connections" put in the address listed above and hit connect! It's as easy as that! Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to add me in game, Come on our server, or post here! -Absolute Gaming Staff
  10. Seven Satraps is an up-and-coming gaming community which puts the players' experiences first. Started in March, 2015 with the creation of the Seven Satraps RP Reign of Kings server, a set of well-enforced rules by mature, ADULT administrators and moderators, and a steadfast community, we began branching into other games. Seven Satraps currently uses a DEDICATED box to run servers for Reign of Kings, ARK: Survival Evolved, and RUST. Sandbox games aside, our community also has groups which regularly play Rocket League, CS:GO, and League of Legends. What we can offer you: FOUR game servers to play on. ( RoK, ARK, RUST, Minecraft) 50 Slot Teamspeak. Well built website and community forums that keep you up to date with all the current server happenings. Instant player base to play with. Administrators who care about their community. http://www.sevensatraps.com http://www.sevensatraps.com/gameservers ts.sevensatraps.com http://i.imgur.com/jqtEBtM.jpg -Seven Satraps staff
  11. Hey guys, I'm an admin on a community called The Part-Timers, we're a growing community that is wishing to obtain more members. We are a community that is souly based on playing games and having fun: I'm posting on this forum to hopefully advertise for our community as we have recently purchased a few servers including: Farming simulator 2015 Minecraft Ark: Survival We will hopefully purchase more servers in the future if we grow to a steady size: we also provide a Teamspeak for the GGG community on garrysmod which is a ACF building community. Our server and teamspeak information: TS: part-timers.typefrag.com:7150 Thanks, RaptorSKA
  12. Pretty new to reddit not gonna lie, so I'm not sure if posting this is against the rules. However I did read up on them. I just wanted to bring y'all a pretty active server that some of you may enjoy. We are a gaming community that host many different types of servers, and teams such as: CSGO, TTT, Prophunt, DarkRP, Minecraft (Roleplay and more), Smite, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Teamspeak, etc. The box is hosted in Canada however most of our players are U.S Based. If you want to check us out here are some links below. I'll answer any questions or anything in the comments. Hope you guys enjoy and have a good day! Website: http://solisgamers.com/index.php Teamspeak IP: Feel free to join us!
  13. http://unknowngaming.co.uk/images/slider/slideug.jpg Unknown Gaming is a small close-knit community looking to expand the number of members within it. We established in 2013 and have been going ever since, beginning on Trouble in Terrorist Town, but moving onto Counter-Strike. We have a website, trouble in terrorist town server and a TeamSpeak server. Currently, we have 30+ regularly active members who are on almost every day, but we are looking for more to add to this and popular our trouble in terrorist town server and TeamSpeak. Come speak to us or play on our servers and help us grow! Website: http://unknowngaming.co.uk/ TeamSpeak IP: Trouble in Terrorist Town: If you know of anyone who is interested, point them in our direction!
  14. Hello Ladies And Gentleman, It's KillaDays, head of the Halo Department at CCx. I bring you a very new gaming community called CCx. We are brand new to the world of gaming, but we are a skilled and close-knit group of people. Although we are new, we have already started recruiting people from around the world. We have very few requirements, especially considering that we play a wide variety of games. The Requirements are: -Be at least 12 years old -Own a PC, or Xbox to game on -You have to be willing to cooperate with a team -Have a mic (preferably not Kinect, but we will still consider you) Message me on XBL at: CCx Killa Days Website: www.ccxclan.boards.net (please be aware that its still being worked on and developed everyday, so the reincarnation of the website you may see will definitely not be the final version of the website) Join now and help shape the future of CCx! Also, any questions, suggestions or anything else is encouraged, so just ask and I'll respond http://343i-uk7.netdna-ssl.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png
  15. Solid State Gaming is a gaming community that started in Planetside 2, and has grown to include League of Legends, Minecraft, Space Engineers, and more!! We have a very large base of over 350 members in our community, and are continuing to grow daily! SSG has a place for you; whether it’s engaging other members in shenanigans while you play in a casual atmosphere, or tactically communicating with like-minded peers to destroy the enemy. Regular events are scheduled as well, from casual movie night in GMod, to organized operations and pre-planned skirmishes. Come check us out to see if Solid State is the right state for you! Website: http://www.solidstategaming.org/ We have an open TeamSpeak server as well, which you can find the IP to on the website. *Always open to feedback and currently under website improvement* -Reclaimer
  16. From the album: Solid State Gaming Community

    Solid State Minecraft Vanilla Server.
  17. From the album: Solid State Gaming Community

    Solid State Minecraft Vanilla Server.
  18. Visit prestige-gaming.org to apply! Becoming admin on our servers is completely free, and I am posting this to get more members. We are recruiting! Here is how: 1) Visit prestige-gaming.org 2) Make an account 3) Fill out an application in the apply section and submit it. Make sure you say that Sludgesloan recommended you under the "Who recommended you to join/apply" section to get the full benefits. It helps me out, and in turn will help you out because an admin recommended you. I am posting this because I am going on a recruitment drive and we could always use more mature members in our gaming community. You must be 13+ years old to apply. As long as you are of age and have no mischievous history (e.g. a VAC ban or trade ban, etc.), you will be approved. Once you are approved and get promoted, you will be an admin on all of our many servers in TF2, Garry's Mod, Counterstrike (Global Offensive), and Minecraft. In total, we have 17 servers in all of these game modes combined. Be sure to tell all of your friends. The more, the merrier. Happy Gaming!
  19. Right Guys, hold on to your hats and straighten your well groomed mustaches. My name is Shubbler and I am currently the Owner of a community of servers known as The SC3 Network. Of course, as is with humans we strive to be the best and that is exactly what we here want to get out from our community. We work tirelessly to create new exciting content for our members and are rapidly becoming an incredibly successful community. The most important part of our server is that every single decision we make goes through you, the community! whether it be by asking people in game or simply putting a post out on the forums to ask peoples opinions on what we want to do to the server. The SC3 Community! Jailbreak - This game mode is the communities origin. I and the senior staff met through a A Jailbreak server and since we have created our own one it is quickly becoming one of the most popular in the country. DarkRP - DarkRP is our newest server and despite the fact it is in it's infancy at the moment it is getting a lot of attention from our three Lua Developers in terms of adding new jobs and features. Examples include: Radio Host, Journalist, Meow Meow Dealer, Busker and Many More! Minecraft -Although not officially not up yet, our members are looking forward to it immensely with promises of unique mini-games, mob arenas, Survival games and a more! Youtube -Finally, An idea come up with by one of our Jailbreak moderators was the prospect of a Podcast or YouTube channel and with an opportunity, we instantly started snowballing ideas. At the moment, we are in the process of creating this channel for our staff and members to contribute videos to and allow everyone to remember funny moments or memorable outtakes on a particular day and stream them out in to the world! We are also going to get a number of different features outside of the game so that Staff Positions -The coveted seats of staff goodness here at SC3 are incredibly hard to get. With stiff competition, each member has to tick every single box until we even consider letting them lose with the ULX commands. They have to prove to us that they are dedicated and good at the server they play on and as a result we have a large team who get on well and work hard as a unit. As much as we want people to come on in and have fun in our servers, even if you have no interest in playing long term on one of our servers, just have a look and post on our forums where we can improve because we aren't interested in making a profit or being able to abuse our powers, we want you to have the best time possible you can on Garry's mod and with your help, that place will be SC3. FORUM URL - http://www.sc3network.com/index.php
  20. http://feralwolfgaming.com/ Hello everyone, Butter here on behalf of FWG and I would like everybody here to be aware if you or a buddy enjoy playing TTT and Minecraft that me and about 100 others have a young (less than a year old) gaming community that would love to have new members. Super friendly and a really enjoyable experience. Before you come check us out know that like most servers we do not tolerate cheating or disrespect toward others. Hope to see you around! -ShowMeTheButter
  21. Greetings to all, What is Brothers in Gaming? We are a brand new gaming community with a focus on Minecraft, as well as Garry's Mod and Arma II. If you are looking for a nice place to relax with a great community, look no further. Our Future & Information. We are looking for players, members, and developers. We also have multiple staff openings. The community hopes to progress a-ton, but we need players for that. We currently have four servers based in, Gmod, Minecraft, Arma 2 Island Life and a teamspeak server. All server information can be found at our website. We also strongly encourage people to visit our site and register because our website has many update notices and information which can be useful and easily noticeable. So without further ado here is the website URL: http://brothersingaming.enjin.com/home I hope to see many of you on the site and on our servers! Remember the community is a work-in-progress so expect changes, tweaks, and bugs. Over and out, KingAlmond
  22. Welcome to Zonisto hosting. one of the best Minecraft hosts I have tried. their server's run fast, and mostly lag free. There starter plan gives you 15 slots with 512 mb ram. seemingly not enough to run a minecraft server, but zonisto pulls it off with flying colors. If your lookin for a minecraft host, Zonisto is your best choice http://zonisto.com
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