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PHP Script to check Database Connection from browser

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HostDens.Com : PHP Script to check Database Connection from browser

It is simple task to check database connectivity from the browser it self and it’s not necessary to logged into server.

Yes, but you should be knowing host-name, password and user


    mysql_connect(‘db_host’, ‘db_username’, ‘password’) or die(‘Could not connect the database : Username or password incorrect’);
    mysql_select_db(‘db_name’) or die (‘No database found’);
    echo ‘Database Connected successfully';


It’s very simple concept, first the “mysql_connect” argument will check the database hostname, username and password. If the first argument is true, then PHP take the second line to execute else the script will die with an output given in the Die section. Similarly, mysql_select_db check the database on the server. If both of the arguments are true then you will get an output given after the echo command.


1, If all of the input data(db_name, username, password, hostname) are right, then the output is like;


    Database Connected successfully


2, If any of the entry in ‘mysql_connect’ section is wrong, then the output is;


Could not connect the database : Username or password incorrect


3, If the database entry is wrong;


No database found


Thank you for reading !!!

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