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returning shrubbot clientcommand


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I am having some issues blocking some shrubbot commands, sometimes...

I don't understand why its happening


Here is where I am at, shouldn't need to understand what all this does just the return part:

function et_ClientCommand( clientNum , cmd )
    if CommandHandler:Command(Client,"chat",CommandName:gsub(Config.Prefix.Chat,"",1),Args) == 1 then -- Check return output of command
        Console:Debug("et_ClientCommand chat command return 1" ,"command") -- I get this message
        return 1 -- should stop command here?
    else -- doesn't get here.
        local CommandName,Args = CommandHandler:getArgs(et.ConcatArgs(0),0)
        return CommandHandler:ChatFilter(Client,CommandName,table.concat(Args," "))


I do !warn or !warn zel

it does my command like expected , but it does warn shrubbot command BEFORE my command.

I get my debug message fine which to mean the clientcommand should be returning 1, meaning it shouldn't run the warn command.


I do a similar styled command !list all and it does not run the shrubbot command like expected.


It has got to be something I am doing wrong, since I did a quick test lua and return 1 for just warn command there and it blocked the command.


Possible I am just overlooking something really simple, will update if I find it. In meantime help would be appreciated.

Image of output: 


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