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For Those Who Play Clash of Clans!


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If youre read anything, read this: ClashBot will get you more gold and elixir than any bot per hour, and it will do it for FREE.




ClashBot has the perfect combination of dedicated Developers and Staff driven towards a common goal. Our goal is to create an easy to use, lightweight, fast, and reliable bot for Clash of Clans and to allow every player to level up in Clash of Clans without spending countless hours farming for resources. To accomplish this goal our Clash of Clans Bot will be consistently updated for stability and performance. We will bring enhancements to the user interface and enough new and amazing features to assist your Clash of Clans play in every way possible. Each feature that is added to the Clash of Clans bot is tested for stability and effectiveness. We have made sure that you can easily customize the settings to program the bot to do exactly what you want it to do and even how fast you want it to do it. If you run into an issue or have a question, our Forums are filled with easy access to support from other members like yourself or our amazing staff team with one goal; to help you succeed in Clash of Clans.



Frequent Updates

ClashBot Developers make sure that the bot is consistently updated with high quality features and performance updates. You can be confident that you are getting the highest quality and most advanced bot on the market.



Active Support

ClashBot has in-depth documentation and support guides on how to use ClashBot to it’s full potential. Combined with our active support staff on our forums, you can be sure that your botting experience will be as smooth as possible.


Engaged Community

The ClashBot community is a great place to talk about Clash of Clans in a forum type environment. From support requests to in-depth or funny conversations, our community is active and welcoming.



- Stay Online 24/7

- Automatic Resource Collection

- Automatic Farming

- Automatic Trophy Pushing

- Automatic Troop Donating

- Automatic Troop Requesting

- Advanced Troop Training Methods

- Advanced Farming Methods

- Awesome Townhall Sniping (Trophy Pushing) Methods

- Automatic Wall Upgrades

- Automatic Building Upgrades

- Easy to use phone notification system

- Convienient statistics to track your bot’s progress



Easy to Use

ClashBot is very easy to use. Download the bot, and start earning millions in seconds. ClashBot will automatically recognize all of your buildings, all you have to do is tell it what you want it to do, and it will do it flawlessly. ClashBot utilizes the capabilities of BlueStacks, an Android Emulator & the only pre-requisite is .NET 4.5.1 , which you probably already have.



Efficient and Effective Botting

ClashBot uses C# to create fast, efficient and advanced algorithms for things such as raiding, training and image recognition. This combination, along with our many other features allows you to gain millions of gold and elixir from the best botting experience possible.





You Choose How You Bot


Everyone has different needs and are at different stages in their Clash of Clans career. This means settings should be custom and tailored specifically to each individual user. Our features allow you to choose what troops to automatically train, what troops to automatically request and donate, what search settings to automatically search for, and what bases you wish to automatically attack and with what attack method, and much more!


If you guys have any questions feel free to ask! 

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I'm glad that I've found this post! I can't imagine my life without games. I play them everywhere and anytime, and it is great that nowadays I can do this using my mobile gadgets. I really enjoy playing casino games, especially Space Bucks Slot play free game. But I'm also a fan of Clash of Clans. So, thanks for sharing, your information is useful for me!

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