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Hello Guys! Hoobledoop!


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Hey all!


I am new to hosting a server. to which i shall be doing over the next week or so. can anyone direct me to lets say "newbs 101 guide" to setting up and running a Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Silent Mod Server please :)



Any help would be greatly appreciated. as i have no clue what i'm doing :)

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Welcome! This is what we have written for installing the silEnT mod: http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/Silent_Mod_Installation

The Wiki covers most of the things related to silEnT: http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/SilEnT_Mod


For installing an Enemy Territory server, create directory for the installation to any location. From your client installation, you can copy the etded binary to the root of it and the etmain directory as a whole under the root directory. Follow the Wiki instructions to add silent to it and for the start command. You should have a working installation now, which you can then continue configuring to your needs. There are some startup scripts for servers around the net to get it running in the background, if you're using a Linux server.

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Hiyah everyone again! :)


I have the server now. and i have made some minor adjustments too it..


but what i am struggling to locate and "fix" shall we say.




1) edit current admin levels/names (also how to remove admin levels that are already assigned to players if even possible)

2) how to edit the bot names... i just cant seem to find where its located at all

3) also. disabling that god awful ppsh weapon.. i have reduced its damage but tbh would rather have it removed! im a little confused. as my only knowledge in configs has been client side. so these parameters are slightly confusing me :)



again any help with this would be greatly appreciated. as i am totally new to this and trying to learn as i go :)

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