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Progress on next version


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Hey all! I am still here.


I am kind of working on the next version a little more lately since silent 0.9.0 is out and it has lua 5.3.


I kind of already had a developmental build on a separate branch because et legacy runs lua 5.3 as well.

So I just went #YOLO and am going to work on making it a main release.


I still have to go and test a lot of stuff.

I went and wrote up a make shift change log of what is currently in the new release.




Seperated many functions into seperate classes to make a little more sense.
config-option-add: "AutoLevel.Message" Customizable message when reaching autolevel rank
	<xp> is the xp they reached to get the new level
	<newlevel> is the level they were promoted to
config-option-add: "AutoLevel.Location" Location for AutoLevel.Message

New guid validator will validate a guid before allowing a player to do any client commands or anything else.
	This vary's between mods the three main mods supported:
	etpro: It will wait until the etpro guid is active ususally takes about 2 seconds after connect.
	silent: Waits until silent guid is available to be read, takes less than a second.
	legacy-mod: Waits until cl_guid is avaiable to be read, takes less than a second.
		I think* if client's arent using the etlegacy client and they do not have pb enabled, then they may not be able to join.
	Other mods untested.

Started work on a kill spree/multi kill system.

config-option-add: "Profile.GreetingsFormat" and "Profile.FarewellFormat" so you can customize how the messages display
	<message> is the user's custom message (They can customize their message with things as well)
config-option-add: "ConnectPrint.Message" and "ConnectPrint.MessageBots" message format for the connect print(replaes the like 6 values before)
Completely re did connect / greeting / farewell messages
	They now work with the message replace system:
	(Bots and Humans)
		<players> Total players on server
		<axisplayers> Total players on axis
		<alliesplayers> Total players on allies
		<specplayers> Total players on spectator
		<playingplayers> Total players on axis + allies
	(Bots only)
		<bots> Total bots on server
		<axisbots> Total bots on axis
		<alliesbots> Total bots on allies
		<specbots> Total bots on spectator
		<playingbots> Total bots on axis + allies
	(Humans only)
		<clients> Total clients on server
		<axisclients> Total clients on axis
		<alliesclients> Total clients on allies
		<specclients> Total clients on spectator
		<playingclients> Total clients on axis + allies
	<c1> Color.Primary
	<c2> Color.Secondary
	<c3> Color.Tertiary
	<cvar(cvarname)> Get server cvar value
		Example: <cvar(sv_hostname)> would be replaced by the value of sv_hostname (Your server name)
	(Client specific - Meaning the message has to have an associated client, like deathprint,connectprint,farewell,greeting,motd and most others)
		<clientname> Name with colors
		<clientcleanname> Name without colors
		<clientcountry> GeoIP Country name
		<etkeyguid> ...
		<shortetkeyguid> Last 8 letters of etkey guid
		<silentguid> ...
		<shortsilentguid> Last 8 letters of silent guid
		<etproguid> ...
		<shortetproguidguid> Last 8 letters of etproguid guid
		<ip> Full client ip
		<ip1>,<ip2>,<ip3>,<ip4> each section of the ip
		<clientclass> Class title
		<clientclassnum> Class number
		<clientteam> Team titles
		<clientteamnum> Team number
		<clientnum> Current client slot number
		<clientversion> Client ET Version
		<clientprotocol> Client protocol (ET 2.55,ET 2.60b, etc..)
		<clientping> ping on the server
		<cliententity(fieldname)> Advanced entity get
			Example: <cliententity(sess.kstreak)> would output the current client's kill streak.
		<clientuserkey(key)> Output a key value
			Client has to be logged in for this to work.
			Example: "My real name is <clientuserkey(realname)>" would output something like "My real name is bob"

Added message of the day
	Can use replace text above

Worked on xpsave a little more, needs more testing though to verify it works on lua 5.3

Added the ability to use one of 3 distance units.
	units: is the ET(quake3) game units
	imperial: is feet and inches
	Users have the option to choose server default or one of the 3
	Server can set the default to any of the 3

Added max rows user options
Added ability to configure if you want the server to lookup your console width.
	Server has an option for how often it checks (if at all)
config-option-add: "Profile.AutoWidth" Time between checking r_mode,r_customwidth on silent mod
	if 0 then it will not check

Removed scandirectory, will now warn when no Commands.json is found

config-option-add: "DeathPrint.Global" if true would spam deathprints to everyone after each death, not recommended
config-option-add: "DeathPrint.Message" format for death print message
	<killername> name of killer
	<teamkilled> "killed" or "teamkilled"

config-option-add: "Distance.Measurement" 
	0 quake units
	1 imperial
	2 metric
config-option-add: "Distance.ImperialFeet" message format for the feet
	<feet> = # of feet
config-option-add: "Distance.ImperialInches" message format for the inches
	<inches> = # of inches
config-option-add: "Distance.Metric" message format for metric units
config-option-change: "FreezeStart" and "FreezeStartTime" are just "FreezeStart" if 0 or lower then won't activate
config-option-add: "ConMaxChars" Number of characters that will output in server console per line.
	Useful for rcon and stuff

Lots of small changes to commands
Entire lua has a error wrapper around it now
	Which means errors will not be caught and logged to /fs_homepath/fs_game/LESM_Errors.log
	Errors still will cause problems, it will just be easier to identify them this way.
added /prune rud time <days> command for auth
	Will delete all RegularUserDataUser's that have not played in the past <days> days.


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I tried but I always run into some problem that just doesn't make sense.


Also I can't do SQL. I can't even get as far as compiling the lua sql or finding the correct ones is too much of a hassle for me, which is why I have been asking for help on that part from the beginning.

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Seems we got success earlier than expected with LuaSQL  B)


We'll likely write our own lightweight admin suite, since none of the existing projects fit our objectives for the Legacy mod. Would you be interested in participating in? It would have basics features only: Lua 5.3 only, LuaSQL db backend, adminlevel management, warn, kick, ban, mute, gib and ideally it would be modular and easily extensible for any future needs.

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