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Mafia 3 release date announced

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Mafia 3 is no simple rehash of the Italian mobster theme. From October 7, you'll be heading down to New Bordeaux—Hangar 13' take on 1968 New Oreleans—as Vietnam vet Lincoln Clay. The black mob who took him under their wing have been wiped out by the Mafia, and thus begins a good, honest revenge trip. Well, not honest—you're repurposing a crime empire as your own—but definitely a revenge trip.
The trailer hits the beats of the late '60s beautifully (get a load of those faces!), and it looks like Hangar 13 won't be afraid to dabble in fraught politics of race relations. The criminal underworld demands you balance the loyalties of Irish, Haitian and rebel Italian gangs. In our hands-on, Dave Houghton called it "the weight of real leadership."
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