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silent silEnT release 0.5.2 - server patch

Jul 08 2012 10:51 PM | TheSilencerPL in PC Gaming

We have found couple of issues which required new build of server binaries. Since your server stability matters to us we are releasing new server side binaries. Admins who are currently running 0.5.2 version need to just upload contents of the silent directory from the attached silent_0.5.2_server_patch.zip file in their silent mod folder.

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silent silEnT release 0.6.0

Oct 16 2012 01:40 PM | TheSilencerPL in PC Gaming

silEnT mod version 0.6.0 is out! Download Change log: Added: New dialog window under silEnT menu for screen resolutions. This dialog has autodetected possible resolution and includes widescreen resolutions. Added: ETPro compatible access to sess.aW...

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silent silEnT mod 0.6.1 released

Oct 29 2012 07:45 PM | TheSilencerPL in PC Gaming

silEnT 0.6.1 Release As promised, we release new version shortly after the previous one. This is mainly a fix release, for details read below please. Change log: Added: New optional parameter "syntax" to custom command blocks. This allows creating p...

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silent silEnT release 0.6.3

Jan 16 2013 12:25 PM | TheSilencerPL in News

silEnT mod version 0.6.3 is out! Download Change log: Version 0.6.3 Fixed: Incompatibility with ET Legacy binaries introduced in 0.6.2. Version 0.6.2 Added: !subnetban command can now cut the IP inside the octet with 'x'. For example, "!subnetb...

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Danger Zones in silEnT mod

May 20 2013 04:16 PM | TheSilencerPL in PC Gaming

Have you ever wanted to let team mates know about the danger on the map in the way that is quick, easy and noticeable by your team mates without need of writing in the team chat or using TS?
If so, then this short article is for you. Check what Danger Zones are in silEnT mod.

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bf1942 Battlefield 1942 released for FREE

Nov 10 2012 02:51 PM | Dragonji in PC Gaming

EA has released its seminal PC first-person shooter Battlefield 1942 for free on its distribution portal Origin. This is in honour of the series' 10 year anniversary as well as Battlefield 3's premium service acquiring over two million members...

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Crusader Kings II Update Released

Jun 26 2012 05:34 PM | sincity in PC Gaming

MAJOR Crusader King Updates: - Muslim Decadence System - Muslim Polygamy - Added new provinces, titles and history for Mali, Songhay and Ghana - Added the province of Aprutium (split off from Spoleto) - Added the new creatable Empires of Russia, Brita...

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