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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Submitted: Jul 17 2011 07:25 AM
  • Last Updated: Jul 17 2011 07:25 AM
  • File Size: 8.21MB
  • Views: 5801
  • Downloads: 363
  • Approved by: hellreturn
  • Approved on: 17 July 2011 - 07:29 AM

Download Enhanced Mod 1.09e

* * * * * 1 Votes

added in version 1.0.9d:
- VoteMap mode added (g_em_votemap 1).
- find the Xmas grinch. (a hidden fun command).
- fixed a jaymod(2.1.7/20080125-2.1.8) non-ascii character in userinfo vulnerability issue.
- cmd shortcuts.
- few fixes.

added in version 1.0.9:
- added custom command system, ex. !getpbss (enhmod_commands.db).
ability to define custom commands like !speed !gravity !monsterkill etc.
with !mycmds its possibile to check per level based amount of available custom commands.
- !pumpgunwar fun command.
- MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS experimental fix.
- dual akimbo fix(ammo only in one pistol issue corrected).
- g_countryflags in synergy with enhanced hud.
1 : Enable
0 : Disable
- g_flagsbehaviour
"random" (random flag for bots)
[ipaddress] (custom ip to define bots country flag, ex "" for italy)
- improved forcecvar, instantly on a player connect (to do in forcecvarfile.cfg).
- forcecvarex (to do in forcecvarfile.cfg).
ex: forcecvarex cg_fov IN 90 120
- g_adrenenalinecls, controls which class carry adrenaline.
1 : Soldier
2 : Medic
4 : Engineer
8 : Field Ops
16 : CovertOps
- g_drawAttackerHP
1 console
2 on screen

Changelog version 1.0.8:
- forcecvar, a serverside command forces clients to set specific values for cvars
(example: in your "mapconfigs\[default.cfg||mapname.cfg]" - "forcecvar cl_maxpackets 100").
- new !midget fun command.
- in config "advancedplayerinfo" flag added, [enable/disable] player advanced informations on connect.
- improved logging, more infos on security issues based kicks.

Note: In order to get working forcecvar, you need to add the package "Enhanced HUD", otherwise a optional choice.

Changelog version 1.0.7:
- Added a additional command + level system, now Enhanced Mod support own jaymod like fun commands.
- New commands: !impact !antirush !warn !crazydisguise, !riflewar, !pistolwar, !country, !freeze, !unfreeze, !disarm.
- Built-in referee access exploit protection.
- /callvote vulnerability fixed.
- Antirush protection prevents player from finish maps until a admin defined timeout is passed.
- Antirush System reworked(added !antirush_add, !antirush_del) + examples for all standard maps.
- Multikill detection(enhmodv107.pk3 needed for client sounds).
- Invalid Guid - spoof protection.
- Improvements.
- Last attacker health in console.
- Included whole stuff from previous versions (see below).

changelog version 1.0.3:
- A powerful flexible xml configuration enables the possibilty to write you own weapon settings for each class/team.
- Conditional respawn settings(for example "IF" the medic carry a Thompson automaticaly he own also a MP40).
- Multiple primary weapon settings.
- Startammo and additional ammo in clip defined by xml config.
- Molotov possibile now for all classes!
- New possibile behaviour of the rifle nade launcher(no reload needed!)
- Experimental doublejump modification(standardly disabled).
- On a new player connection a info message like:
"enhmod: ETPlayer connected with ip: 95.223.***.***:27960(Germany) client version: xxx" appear.
- First headshot message.

Installation notes:


- Copy the /jaymod*.* binaries(zip file) in your [server]/jaymod path(probably overwrite).

- Copy the /ModEnhConfig.xml config file(zip file) in your [server]/jaymod path(changed path since 1.0.3) containing the mod files. Done!

- With RCON you can setup the admin, otherwise no one have rights(included yourself).
Example: "!setlevel ETPlayer 999" (Full admin rights - levels are defined in "enhmod_level.db" )

- On other mods(except downloadable package from jaymod 2.1.7/2.1.8) replace the binary "enhmod_qagame.mp.i386.xxx" with the original "qagame.mp.i386.xxx" binary from other mod .

Thats all!

What's New in Version 1.09e (See full changelog)

  • added in version 1.0.9e:
  • - auto promotion system (by config).
  • - enhanced mod security features flag added in config (minor version then jaymod 2.2.0 recommended to be enabled) / no guid checks if disabled.

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