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compulsive or user-owned fireteams

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Fireteams are extremely useful in silEnT.    They provide health, location and class information for your team.    For any objective-oriented players, like myself, this information is helpful for coordinating a good attack/defense.  


Now - the feature request - can we add another type of firetream - a user fireteam?   what I mean is - nothing annoys me more than when I send a request to join, the person rejects the request.   Some say they don't like the extra stuff in their hud.   Okay, fine.   But now my goal of keeping in touch with my team is now diminished because this person stubbornly refuses to join.   I don't care about using it for chat, I just like the information it provides.  I'm willing to sacrifice a small portion of my screen to providing information useful to me to play good objective-oriented and coordinated team work.


I know the FT system is probably built into the core game, but is there a way we can re-use the information that the fireteam hud item provides, so that I can add whomever I want to my own list of players without them even having to be involved in it?   I suppose maybe its different than the fireteam, but could utilize some of the same framework?


Does this make sense?  I hope you understand what I'm asking for.


I guess this is what it boils down to:


I want to use the powerful features of the fireteam to automatically add anyone on my team to it without their knowledge or consent.  And if fireteam isn't the right mechanism to do it, can we have something new that takes its place?


Thanks for your consideration.



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I understand what your asking and I can see it can be usefull. I'm personally one of those who find the fireteam more annoying than helpfull apart from seeing the latched classes. However, I fear this could require a large amount of code duplication. And not only that, very likely it would require using config strings as well, the same way as the original fireteams use those. If there is an easy way to accomplish this, I think it would be great.



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Might I suggest a simpler version, in just adding the health of your teammate in tab screen and also add maybe the latched class in tab screen too. Just my alternative suggestion, still have to pull up another screen but if your looking for info about your entire team that is where you should look I think.

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