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    Weapon firing temporally disabled

    Posted 17 Feb 2014

    When playing on a Silent server (+- 30 people), some people got the following error: "Server: Weapon firing temporally disabled due entity overflow"
    They could move and get hit by others, but couldn't fire them self since firing was disabled. We thought it had something to do with: http://mygamingtalk....xceeded/?p=8364
    Recently an other member of my clan experienced the same thing and apparently it is not related to medic or ammo packs, hence I report it here.

    Report of the member: "While I was playing on Silent1 about 30 minutes ago an error message occurred. I have never seen this before. A few moments after the error a nade became stuck in my hand. I could not change weapons or toss the nade. Other players were still firing their weapons but I had to self kill to be able to use my weapons again. That may have nothing to do with the server error but it seemed strange especially since it has never happened before"


    Cvar regarding silent guid is missing on Wiki

    Posted 2 Feb 2014

    The following very usefull CVAR is missing on the wiki:



    It works and shows the full silent GUID in the game. It was "discovered" by one of our members.



    Could it be added to the CVARS list ?



    I noticed that /sil_guid shows the silent guid and it also adds ":2" to the guid.

    What is the function of ":2" and if it has no function, could it be removed to only show the full silent guid only ?

    Possible bug: g_muteRename

    Posted 11 Jan 2014

    There seems to be a possible bug with the CVAR g_muteRename.
    One of our members reported that a player renamed himself while he was muted. The server on which this happend had g_muteRename 1 and the latest silent 0.8.1.
    I tried to replicate it and failed, until this member said something brilliant. The player disconnected and reconnected and then changed his name while still being muted . Here is how it works and it is reproducible:

    1) !mute playerX 10m insulting

    2) PlayerX opens console and types: /name Lame_admin and hits enter. He gets the message that he can't change his name while he is muted.

    3)Player opens console again and types: /reconnect . He then reconnects with the server and the server changes his name to Lame_admin and he is still muted.

    Have tried this several times and it works without any problem.