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Issues I've Posted

    Missing cvars on Wiki

    Posted 5 Nov 2011

    These are found in the silent.cfg found in the silent 0.4.0 download, but do not display in the wiki.

    I included what the default was with the downloaded cfg file.

    set g_bot_minPlayers -1

    set g_reflectFriendlyFire 0
    set g_reflectFFWeapons 31
    set g_friendlyFireOpts 0

    exec objectivecycle.cfg
    set com_watchdog 60
    set com_watchdog_cmd "exec objectivecycle.cfg"

    No helmet after getting ammo

    Posted 4 Nov 2011

    I noticed that after losing my helmet, you can normally get a new one with the ammo cases. Now you can't. Didn't know if it was just an axis issue, so I tried it with allies.. and surely.. couldn't do it with either one. Is this a setting in the cfgs somewhere that I missed, or is it intentional? Or is it an actual bug like I noticed it as?


    Posted 13 Oct 2011

    I see the color of the tripmines have been changed and they look better then the red and blue beams. However, I am wondering if they could possibly be "invisible" like kinda how the regular mines are. You can see them if you are a certain level - kinda, but beginner levels cannot spot them easily without walking into them; however, the team that placed it can still spot it easily. The dynamite on the wall for them could still be there, but make that the only thing the opposing team could see.

    Any thoughts?

    Trip Mines

    Posted 7 Oct 2011

    When the covey spots a tripmine, it shows up on the map normally, however, not sure if it is possible to show over areas you need to dynamite. The dynamite area on the map shows up over it. At first, I thought it didn't even show up at all until I looked really closely.

    Throwing Knives in Air

    Posted 7 Oct 2011

    It was supposably fixed in 0.3.3, but I noticed it again. When throwing the knives in the air straight up, it will land on you and stay there. When you move, it stills stays there. It does eventually disappear though.. You can't pick them up. Don't know if it is suppose to do that or not, but it doesn't fall, it just floats.