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  1. yes but when it is urgent .i cant and at nights i zzzz. we banned the guy. will have to look if with the infos guys i can add a mute in the shrubbot.cfg like we did with nq
  2. sad we cant !mute when a player is not on the server
  3. BettyBoop


    @chafouin it works for me
  4. i did all that but will try again thanks Mike
  5. hello guys we atm have 10 levels working fine, but i tried to add 2 levels more and when i restart the server the flags are gone levels added: [level] level = 13 name = ^1ETS ^7Leader flags = hau5tPMIizoxkmfNcgeRnVSpldUIAsBbCEFGIKLNprSUQqvWXxZz][)(.,$?123456789 greeting = Level 13 [n] ^9Just connected greeting_sound = [level] level = 14 name = ^1ETS ^7Owner flags = hau5tPMIizoxkmfNcgeRnVSpldUIAsBbCEFGIKLNprSUQqvWXxZz@][)(.,$?1234567890 greeting = Level 14 [n] ^9Just connected greeting_sound = ____________________________________________________ and after server restart the flags for levels 13 and 14 are gone when i use the command !levlist i have all the levels number ... Command (0): !levlist Server Admin Levels 0 - New Player 1 - Regular 2 - Frequent Regular 3 - Friend of ETS 4 - Best Friend of ETS 5 - Trial Clan Member 6 - New Clan Member 7 - Clan Member 8 - Senior Clan Member 9 - Junior Admin 10 - Full Admin 11 - Senior Admin 12 - ETS Co Leader 13 - ETS Leader 14 - ETS Owner thanks in advance
  6. BettyBoop


    not very active here anymore lol
  7. BettyBoop


    did you plan to update the AC this year ? dont saw anymore guys caught on our silent 0.90 servers with ac Thanks
  8. all my wishes for a wonderfull happy new year
  9. did you fixed this bug ? http://mygamingtalk.com/forums/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=2314&sort=&st=120 When you pick class soldier and look at the weapons available it sometimes shows that panzer is free, but then when you try to select it it says Panzer not available, even though it showed up in the limbo menu as available,
  10. thanks but did u made again some changes ?
  11. BettyBoop

    silent 0.90

    can you let us know what is doing for this release we are somes of us still testing it, and posted the bugs we found but since we dont heard anything more thanks
  12. BettyBoop

    TWT 2 Years

    happy birthday for you and thanks to try to keep ET alive like is doing the silent team
  13. i been on this Polski server .... 18 custom pk3 to downlaod , yes the main screen is modified but i dont had these problems square yellow and black and @ TheSilencerPL i think a lil menu to can have the web site and the servers rules and to can connect to the server is way enough in my opinion but i am an old school ET gamer and yes will be cool @gaoesa, you could share the link if people don't know it yet. but most of the times i use qtracker http://www.qtracker.com/ this program is free and easy to can manage your server with it and still use just to can connect with an other ET folder :ASE
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