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  2. I know BestAnswer is done, but I am concerned as roissgil and all server admins by these fundamental questions So, when you use et.splatterladder.com to watch your server, you're on 'Server Status' page. Now click on 'Mappool' page: all the maps played in last 7 days with various statistics columns. And you know what ? I've asked longtime ago to SL to make columns-headers clikable to sort ascending/descending ... and they did it xD So, you can browse all your maps, and sort them by : Map nameAverage Time of a gameProportional Time (in %)Games numberLast Seen in hours (disappear after 7 days without played) In database-modeling, these are called 'fine grained' informations I hope it'll be useful V55 [DIABOLIK]$mart
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