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    Mateos reacted to palota in Legacy mod new weapons support   
    I added MP34.
    Other weapons don't need to be handled in et_weapontables.gm because they have the same ID as original weapons.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Question about GameId number   
    We can't use ent->s.number because Omni-bot runs it its own DLL and does not have access to internal data structures of the game.
    You can use TraceLine function to get entity ID.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in V1 Rocket (Beta 2) - SWITCH entity triggered if bot in-game at map start in silEnT mod only...   
    If there is at least one bot, then OnMapLoad is called immediately before OnBotJoin. If there are no bots, then OnMapLoad is called from BotUpdate. It depends on mod when it sends GAME_CLIENTCONNECTED event and when it calls BotUpdate function. Your gm map script should not depend on specific time when OnMapLoad is called. It can be one time frame earlier in silEnT.
    The door lever is always moved at the beginning of the game. Your trigger function will be called only if it is registered by OnTrigger. The trigger is missed if OnTrigger is called after the lever has moved.
    You can fix it by moving line OnTrigger( "rocdoor_lever1_Moving", Map.rocdoor_Moving ) to the end of OnMapLoad and insert sleep(1) before it.
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    Mateos got a reaction from PuNkReAS in Disabling combat movement in path through (re-enabling it in OnExit ofc/automatically?)   
    Good evening,
    I've just refreshed old waypoints I was asked for years ago for Missing in Action v1: Wolffiles.de - your filebase
    The main objective is to pick up 3 MIAs being held in bamboo cages
    It requires precise positioning and aiming (stance, as crouch, helps a lot, but isn't required)
    When Allied bots have Axis enemies in sight, they'll do combat movement (but seem to keep the highly prioritized aiming, thus not engaging shooting, so that's fine to my mind), breaking that precision scripted in related path through navigation tables
    Is it possible to disable CM like for ATTACK/CAMP/DEFEND spots through script?
    Can it be re-enabled automatically upon exiting, or will it require an instruction in OnExit table?
    Thanks in advance
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Mortar to track MOVER - Aim is adjusted after shooting, not right before   
    I modified goal_mobilemortar.gm and commited it to SVN.
    Position in front of the tank is GetEntityWorldSpace( GetGoal("MOVER_tank").GetEntity(), Vec3(0,250,0) )
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Disabling combat movement in path through (re-enabling it in OnExit ofc/automatically?)   
    Yes, you can disable combat movement in navigate and re-enable it in OnExit.
    But I think it would be better to create RegionTrigger.DisableCombatMovement.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Script or tool to automatically convert 0.8x WAY files to 0.9 file format   
    I decided to not rename the 0.8 folder because it would break everything for everybody. There are links to that 0.8 folder everywhere (on the wiki, forum or GitHub). We can't rename it now because it would cause a lot of trouble.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in BUILD offset availability/management per team, in the case of a neutral goal   
    It's easy. Just add two use points. Bots will find the shortest path and automatically choose the best use point for them.
    Console command saveusepoint (or sup) can be used to add use points. It creates a TXT file in omni-bot/et/user folder. Then you have to copy and paste it into OnMapLoad.
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    Mateos reacted to MickyP in Questions   
    I did try & do RTCW version but I had a issue getting it to show up, I've just done a new test (just editing text) which did work.
    For RTCW you need to edit mp_pak1.pk3\ui_mp\wm_quickmessageAlt & create a new pk3 in the same directories, its a little bit more hard work as 1 line in the ET menu you have to scroll down 50+ lines in the RTCW version. It looks like it can be done but its a lot of work
    The DMS program was never designed to waypoint from it was rather to add waypoint flags without me having to remember exact command or which key bind it related to, it then progressed to adding goals without the need to open the console to manually type 3 or 4 commands for each one. After that I just added more bit that I found useful.
    If you need there are some ET binds in here that should work fine in RTCW, I used the binds in combination with the DMS
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    Mateos got a reaction from PuNkReAS in Reading an entity value using its key   
    Thank you very much!

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    Mateos reacted to palota in Reading an entity value using its key   
    I modified C++ code so that GetEntTeam works for spawns. It's in the mod. On Windows you need to compile qagame_mp_x86.dll from project GameInterfaces\ET\src\game\game_2013.vcxproj.
    GetEntTeam is used in many map scripts, but it should not break anything because it is used only in region triggers which are triggered for CLASS.ANYPLAYER.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Wp.SetWaypointFlag when several waypoints have the same name   
    I will add possibility to set multiple navigation flags in the next Omni-bot version.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Questions   
    You've converted the waypoints successfully. Now you should create some goals.
    Add a CAPPOINT goal at the ship so that Allies know where to take the documents Add three GRENADE goals to destroy barriers on the beach Enable MOUNTMG42 goals for Axis team Change priorities. CHECKPOINT_beach_flag should have the same priority as FLAG_War_Documents. Create routes.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Questions   
    Did you read the wiki ? The cappoint must be created by these commands when you are standing at the exit:
    /bot goal_create cappoint transmitter /bot goal_save I attached gm script which disables PLANT_2transmitter7 goal so that engineers do not drop dynamite near the transmitter.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Goldrush RtCW/ET   
    I made waypoints for KT_G-Rush. You can download them from GitHub.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Omnibot connecting issue   
    It is compatible. Do you have installed the latest Omni-bot version 0.87 ?
    This is not related to the connection issue. If you have more questions, start a new topic.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Wiki pages   
    Omni-bot wiki has been moved to https://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/OMNIBOT_-_Enemy_Territory_Modification
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Path through Switch - bot outside WaypointName waypoint radius   
    Oops, there are 2 doors. The upper door is accessible only by trick jump or cheating. The lower door switch position is Vec3(-2277, -521, 292).
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    Mateos reacted to palota in MLB Egypt and silEnT mod: bots don't ride the Boat outside of warmup   
    The boat initially spawns in a secret room at coordinates (-5730, 1664, -1218). Then it is moved to the river after one time frame.
    I fixed the mlb_egypt.gm script.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Bot glitching with a specific PLANT goal on Ruins of Acquiesce   
    That ruins32.gm script is for old Omni-bot version 0.71. The Map.Switches table does not work since Omni-bot 0.8. and has to be converted to SWITCH goals. The MOVER_tank goal should be removed. But the most critical bug is that all priorities are extremely high. Priorities of normal high level goals should never be greater than 0.9.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Handling debugtrigger-less button temporarily disabled once used   
    You can create a region trigger for any player who is near the button. But it is not possible to detect if the player pressed the button or not.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Question about team_WOLF_objective   
    These entities don't have an AABB, but they have a position.
    GetEntPosition(102) It's not recommended to use entity IDs, because they can depend on mods. It's better to use entity names.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Giving a goal shared by the 2 teams a role just for 1 team   
    You can create new custom BUILD and PLANT goals for Axis and then restrict neutral goals to Allies. But it is too much complicated. I think it would be better to set a goal range instead of role. Range is useful so that bots don't go to the goal if they are too far away from it.
    Bots get roles only on map load or when they change team (if balancing is enabled) or when some bot disconnects. You can't change roles dynamically.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in Weird issue with a PLANT goal of wolfsrudel_final   
    The problem is caused by a line Util.RemoveGoal( "PLANT_Main_Radiomast" ) which is in OnMapLoad.
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    Mateos reacted to palota in GetGameState returning Playing while the game is paused   
    The GameState enumeration is common for all games. Each game has its own states. Enemy Territory and RTCW do not support Paused, Scoreboard and Suddendeath.
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