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    phantasm got a reaction from hellreturn in Regarding advertisement from companies   
    @hellreturn - I think that's a great idea - I have always felt the commercialization of ET was rather sad. You may want to consider removing all the advertisements!
    Really if you host servers you don't make any money, you need like 100 paying customers to make the profit you would make just in a day or two of working at a real job doing coding or networking. And then you have to deal with 100 customers who don't know how to set up their mapcycles or they get annoyed about something and demand a refund from PayPal (and get it, plus a $20 fee from PayPal against you). Or they use their rented server as a platform to ddos someone else and then you get the blame.
    I tried this about seven years ago... set up a big server on nuclear fallout servers and rented out ET servers off of that host, with all my personal game settings, and made maybe $50 a month profit. If I looked in my checking account and it was $50 short I would not even notice. Even if it was $500 a month so what it's a giant headache and it turns a fun hobby into a part-time job.
    Plus when I go to any gaming site I don't care about the ads at all, they are just something to ignore. 
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    phantasm got a reaction from SadNesS in Mini-mods for specific maps   
    The star wars mod is a pk3 file which is run globally for all maps on your server.
    Most of the minimods are built using downloadable pk3 files which get distributed to your players and run for all maps.
    One possible way around this would be to put the character skins within the map pk3 so they would be executed when that map runs. Then the next map would have different character files which would then be executed, and so on. However this could get quite messy and might not reset to the normal default character skins properly. Also you will need to rename these files with unique new names so they load after the default skins, and are not confused with the original map names.
    It is possible but tedious and it could mess up players ET installations if you dont do it properly.
    You might be able to do this better with lua or enhmod or some other hook.
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    phantasm got a reaction from Chuckun in Server facade   
    You have to have your server provider enable it, since it requires running on more than one port. Most server hosting companies will not get involved. If you want to migrate to a host that will help you then you should contact Hellreturn. Running on both master lists will definitely help you get more traffic.
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    phantasm got a reaction from Chuckun in Spam issues   
    From my own time there, it seemed most of the content was spam... including the stuff I wrote lol.
    Actually it probably has more to do with the size of the forum to make it worth spamming.
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