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  1. Thanks gaoesa, that explains a lot! I will speak to hellreturn and have him look into it if he's not already.
  2. Edit: Looking through my files, I notice the server is placing "zz_silent90-0.6d.pk3" and "my_cgame_mp_x86.dll" in addition to the expected "silent-0.9.0.pk3" and cgame_mp_x86.dll Anyone else getting this?
  3. Hi guys, @ Zelly - tried that, even did a clean install, even did clean install to different drive, no change. @ BECK - Nothing custom, just the normal 2.6b install of ET, and silent being downloaded on the fly from any of silent servers - AFAIK we don't have any custom versions, unless its perhaps beta releases seeing as our founder (hellreturn) is part of the silent project. One thing I can confirm is I get loads of errors for missing sounds in my console while playing, even though I hear them anyway (such as objective taken, objective secured etc) and all pk3's etc have been sourced from the same server I'm playing. Could've always been that way for all I know but i'm noticing it now when I never did before.
  4. This started since the latest version AFAIK. Definitely silent related because I don't have the problem with other mods. OS - Win10 (up to date) GFX - Nvidia GeForce GT 525M (up to date & running cool) A friend of mine has the same issue, and has recently been banned by AC due to it (proven false-negative). Crash log is below. -8<------- Crash Information ------->8- Please forward to silEnT mod team. --------------------------------------- Version: 0.9.0 Win32 ET Version: ET 2.60b Map: italyfp2 Exception: Access violation (0xc0000005) Exception Address: 0x300a13b7 DLL Information: 0x00400000 et 0x77a90000 ntdll 0x779a0000 KERNEL32 0x77660000 KERNELBASE 0x6d4a0000 apphelp 0x678b0000 AcLayers 0x75e80000 msvcrt 0x77260000 USER32 0x76d20000 win32u 0x775d0000 GDI32 0x76d40000 gdi32full 0x740a0000 SHELL32 0x77910000 cfgmgr32 0x76610000 windows.storage 0x75c60000 combase 0x75ad0000 ucrtbase 0x75f40000 RPCRT4 0x75930000 SspiCli 0x75920000 CRYPTBASE 0x75bb0000 bcryptPrimitives 0x77610000 sechost 0x75c10000 powrprof 0x76100000 advapi32 0x773c0000 shlwapi 0x76d10000 kernel.appcore 0x76010000 shcore 0x76ef0000 profapi 0x76c70000 OLEAUT32 0x76590000 msvcp_win 0x76180000 SETUPAPI 0x6f690000 MPR 0x66680000 sfc 0x66f40000 WINSPOOL 0x73a80000 bcrypt 0x70130000 sfc_os 0x6d230000 AcGenral 0x76b80000 ole32 0x6d750000 UxTheme 0x6e4c0000 WINMM 0x756c0000 samcli 0x6aff0000 MSACM32 0x758d0000 VERSION 0x73e90000 USERENV 0x6e470000 dwmapi 0x68e80000 urlmon 0x6e490000 WINMMBASE 0x68950000 iertutil 0x75760000 SortServer2003Compat 0x77970000 IMM32 0x73a50000 nvinit 0x73bc0000 detoured 0x73a10000 nvd3d9wrap 0x739e0000 nvdxgiwrap 0x71bc0000 DINPUT8 0x75910000 WSOCK32 0x73fa0000 iphlpapi 0x77410000 WS2_32 0x76f00000 MSCTF 0x6e200000 comctl32 0x71780000 opengl32 0x71b90000 GLU32 0x6f160000 DDRAW 0x73990000 DCIMAN32 0x6c650000 DEVOBJ 0x76ea0000 WINTRUST 0x77950000 MSASN1 0x75950000 CRYPT32 0x57ea0000 nvoglv32 0x73bb0000 WTSAPI32 0x73830000 ntmarta 0x66c30000 nvspcap 0x77600000 PSAPI 0x73f00000 WINHTTP 0x71ca0000 WINSTA 0x771d0000 clbcatq 0x712e0000 dsound 0x70290000 MMDevApi 0x70140000 PROPSYS 0x6fdf0000 AUDIOSES 0x6f060000 wintypes 0x73980000 avrt 0x75580000 mswsock 0x77a80000 NSI 0x73080000 dhcpcsvc 0x716d0000 napinsp 0x712b0000 pnrpnsp 0x71200000 NLAapi 0x71180000 DNSAPI 0x71160000 winrnr 0x71130000 mdnsNSP 0x710d0000 fwpuclnt 0x71120000 rasadhlp 0x28460000 pbcl 0x1b2a0000 pbag 0x28f60000 pbsv 0x62fd0000 dxgi 0x6e9c0000 nvumdshim 0x77040000 imagehlp 0x73060000 CRYPTSP 0x73030000 rsaenh 0x55630000 nvwgf2um 0x64420000 nvapi 0x6bb40000 cgame_mp_x86 0x30000000 my_cgame_mp_x86 0x6da00000 dbghelp 0x40000000 ui_mp_x86 (0) C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\silent\my_cgame_mp_x86.dll(dllEntry+0x1cd97) [0x300a13b7]
  5. Yeah I believe it's IPbased.. But back in the day favourites used to delete themselves so I forgot all about that function
  6. It's a bit late for that, but it would definitely be the best option for future.. Encourage people to use /connect yourdomain.com (or servername.yourdomain.com if you run multiple servers) and then you can change the IP whenever you want and as long as the (sub)domain points to the new IP, they'll go to the new IP
  7. If you own both IPs (and will continue to own them), you could just redirect the IP itsself outside of ET? If not, then your solution sounds pretty good.. I wouldn't use redirect though because then people who may /connect manually via console will rely on it then once it's gone, wont find your server.. (Does anyone still use the serverlist?)
  8. From the wiki: Q: How do I make forcecvar or sv_cvar work? A: silEnT server is able to force client cvars to certain values or ranges by using forcecvar and sv_cvar commands. sv_cvarempty will clear all the sv_cvar commands the server has loaded. To use the possibility, the g_mapConfigs must be set. All forcecvar and sv_cvar commands that are placed in the default.cfg, will be executed on every map start. Those settings can be overloaded by using a map specific cfg name [mapname].cfg. More help is available at silEnT forums.
  9. @Micha! - thanks for your help The LUA was actually to catch the server executed command via shrubbot (so user types !myguid, shrubbot catches it and execs the function defined in the LUA script - the script itsself was not supposed to catch "!myguid" as shrubbot will do that for you and exec the 'getmyguid' function However, I've taken on board the other points you mentioned, and should be able to successfully finish the mod Thank you!
  10. Thank you gaoesa and loudness! Although I like the simplicity of the PM idea, it's a bit sloppy for my taste (i'm just quite particular I guess), but I appreciate it's functionality.. If anyone has a test server they could test the LUA on that would be handy (Moving the positive return into the scope of the IF clause as pointed out by loudness).. If not it will have to wait until I have time to do my first server setup
  11. I know that typing [g] shows your silEnT GUID and typing it into fireteam chat whilst not in a fireteam will work to do it privately, but for absolute security, I wanted to make a custom command of !myguid so I made this LUA script.. Problem is I have never ever touched anything LUA or ET related, so I have no idea if this will even work and I have no means of testing it.. So I wonder if someone can tell me if I've done anything wrong, and/or if it will actually work? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Filename: myguid.lua ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- MyGUID - Prints your silEnT GUID just like /cl_guid would for etkey based GUIDs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Created by =F|A=Chuckun -- If you use it, please donate to our clan to help fund the servers -- Any amount will help!! -- Fearless-Assassins.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- For use with shrubbot, exec 'getmyguid' ---------------------------------------------------------------------- description = "silEnT GUID Command" version = "1.0" function et_InitGame(levelTime,randomSeed,restart) local modname = string.format("%s", description) et.G_Print(string.format("%s loaded\n", modname)) et.RegisterModname(modname) end function et_ConsoleCommand(command) if et.trap_Argv(0) == "getmyguid" then local userinfo = et.trap_GetUserinfo( playerID ) local guid = et.Info_ValueForKey( userinfo, "sil_guid" ) et.trap_SendServerCommand(clientNum, "print \"^osilEnT GUID: ^7"..guid.."\n") end return 1 end Or perhaps there's an easier way to simply print the GUID within the command's exec line, with no need for any LUA mod?
  12. That's great to hear! And I don't really care if they know about the SS being taken, if they are clean then they have nothing to hide, and if they are cheating they have already been caught so HAH!
  13. This is a great idea.. But I don't even know if this is possible, because the only reason PB was able to take a screen capture of the client's game view was because it was a separate entity installed on the client's machine.. So I'm not sure this would be possible.. If it is at all possible though, I do agree with Dzikus about avoiding the global database at least for now.. This would require a central database that would be in high demand and not at all cheap to run - I doubt the silEnT team receive anything like enough donations to support such a system.
  14. You mean how can you make !chicken etpl say "ETPlayer is a chicken!" ? If that is what you mean, I'm fairly sure you would need the command to be defined as follows: command = chicken exec = chat "[1?] is a chicken!" desc = Call someone chicken levels = 0 1 2 3 4 etc etcTo help you understand what the "[1?]" means - the 1 passes the 1st thing you type after !chicken, and the ? part tells silEnT MOD to look for a partial playername match.. So you could go even further and change the command to this.. command = insult exec = chat "[1?] is a [2]!" desc = Insult somebody levels = 0 1 2 3 4 etc etcAnd then do !insult etpl fool, and the server would then say "ETPlayer is a fool!" EDIT: I found this, it may help you: http://mygamingtalk.com/wiki/index.php/Silent_Shrubbot#shrubbot.cfg
  15. Since the thread has been bumped already, I can finally say - this detail by BECK is a great, particularly if you want all clan members to have a clan symbol / logo over them.. If there was this level of control over them I would probably opt-in for the avatar system.
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