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  1. Mad | An0nym0us - About Us - we are a gaming Community/Clan that play a massive multitude of games Our goal is to create a fun safe place for you to come home of an afternoon, and jump into any of the voice or text channels and just talk with whoever is there, or play some games. we are newly incorporated with members already signed up! and are looking for even more members that want to take part in having fun, getting better and competitions between clan members. we strive to create more of a close group of friends where you can get to know everyone and everyone knows you, rather than just be a group of people with a tag in front of their name and players who don’t really know each other. We are also very active, daily. Requirements - Must speak English. Must be 16+ Must have access to discord Must have a Microphone/Headset If you meet these requirements and are interested in seeing what we have to offer feel free add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198076038319/ or discord StonedJoker#4867 and message me just letting me know you’re interested, once accepted you will be given access to all areas
  2. Welcome to the forums StonedJoker :)
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