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  1. Hello Everyone, I am Stevthewonder the Owner of Skyrim RP. Skyrim RP is a roleplaying community based around Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We use mods to be able to play multiplayer so that we can interact with other players. We pride ourselves in making it easy for newer players who might not have the best standing of mods, by only have 20 mods on our mod-list. Comparing other RP communities that have 100+ mods (which is just ridiculous). We play regular and have a discord that is always active as well as a website with an easy to understand signup and application process. I hope to see you in our discord or on our website Discord: https://discord.gg/ZGgkMfp Website: https://www.skyrimrp.uk/
  2. Welcome to the forums Stevthewonder :)
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