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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I am Stevthewonder the Owner of Skyrim RP. Skyrim RP is a roleplaying community based around Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We use mods to be able to play multiplayer so that we can interact with other players. We pride ourselves in making it easy for newer players who might not have the best standing of mods, by only have 20 mods on our mod-list. Comparing other RP communities that have 100+ mods (which is just ridiculous). We play regular and have a discord that is always active as well as a website with an easy to understand signup and application process. I hope to see you in our discord or on our website Discord: https://discord.gg/ZGgkMfp Website: https://www.skyrimrp.uk/
  2. Looking for a Arma 3 Lakeside Valley Roleplay Community?? Well you've come to the right place! RGC Lakeside Valley Roleplay Communtiy is a brand new Lakeside Valley Roleplay server / community opening in January! We have Police, Sheriff, EMS, Fire and other jobs in our server currently! We are offering $100,000 in game cash to users who join our Teamspeak and forums regularly prior to our launch! Join our Teamspeak and start interacting in the community prior to our official server launch! Teamspeak Server IP: Ts.rgclife.com Website / Forums: https://www.RadicalGamingCommunity.com http://i63.tinypic.com/2rdgduf.jpg
  3. What is LCES? Liberty City Emergency Services is a GTA IV role-playing group using the LCPD:FR modification. LCES is a group of exceptional roleplayers looking to expand their roleplaying experience with a group / community of people that are into Police Roleplay. We recruit mature players looking to get a realistic experience with Policing, but out of a game. Just because you are young, does not mean you are dismissed from joining as we give everyone a fair chance. We ask that you be professional while on patrol, follow protocol and respect your supervisors. http://lceslcpdfr.enjin.com/home
  4. Brief Info: We are a Arma 3 community that like to play a mod called Arma 3 Life. This is a addon to Arma 3 that you need to roleplay on this mod is serious fun and we want you guys to come and join in the fun with us. If you wish to contact us in anyway come and join our website or talk to us in teamspeak. You dont like any of those options come and say Hi on our steam community group. We hope to see some of you soon on Cyrex so that you can come and roleplay with us and hopefully become a long term member Contact Info: Website - http://cyrexroleplay.co.uk/Teamspeak - NSGTS3.COMSteam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CyrexGamingRPOnce again we hope to see you guys soon. Thanks CyrexGaming
  5. Pretty new to reddit not gonna lie, so I'm not sure if posting this is against the rules. However I did read up on them. I just wanted to bring y'all a pretty active server that some of you may enjoy. We are a gaming community that host many different types of servers, and teams such as: CSGO, TTT, Prophunt, DarkRP, Minecraft (Roleplay and more), Smite, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Teamspeak, etc. The box is hosted in Canada however most of our players are U.S Based. If you want to check us out here are some links below. I'll answer any questions or anything in the comments. Hope you guys enjoy and have a good day! Website: http://solisgamers.com/index.php Teamspeak IP: Feel free to join us!
  6. Welcome to Liberty City Police Force We are currently looking for members to join our clan. Clan Requirements - 15 or older [ 15 Under must be mature] - Legit GTA IV Game [No Cracks] - Good English - Can install mods [Tech support is offered] - NAT Type OPEN Things you can join: - Police Department - Sheriff Department - State Police - Fire/Ems Department - Dispatch To learn more about our clan please visit our website at http://libertycitypoliceforce.enjin.com/or our Teamspeak: LibertyCityPoliceForce.enjinvoice.com Any Questions Please Contact Command Staff
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