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  1. Nice to see it was implemented (haven't been around for ages) because it looks far simpler & efficient to use
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- CONFIG: -- Change the values below to allow or disallow votes (1 = true, 0 = false) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- vote_allow_kickbots = 1 vote_allow_fivemins = 1 vote_allow_tenmins = 0 vote_allow_quarterbots = 0 vote_allow_halfbots = 0 vote_allow_crazygravity = 0 vote_allow_crazyspeed = 0 vote_allow_putbotsspec = 0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Do not edit below this line -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep kickbots & fivemins at 1 and put the rest to 0, nothing else required
  3. Sorry about this, I didn't actually include !passvote into this system, but this is a simple fix in the lua script. I'll do it today and re-upload the script so it will work with !passvote
  4. File Name: Custom Voting File Submitter: Arcane File Submitted: 06 Sep 2013 File Category: LUA Custom voting system that gives users access to additional useful votes. To install: You need to unzip the file and extract the files customvote.lua and zzz_customvote.pk3 Read the readme.txt Upload these files into the silent folder on your server In server.cfg cvar: lua_modules "customvote.lua" Restart the server Click here to download this file
  5. Geo

    Custom Voting

    Version 1.0


    Custom voting system that gives users access to additional useful votes. To install: You need to unzip the file and extract the files customvote.lua and zzz_customvote.pk3 Read the readme.txt Upload these files into the silent folder on your server In server.cfg cvar: lua_modules "customvote.lua" Restart the server
  6. Will post my script that I have created for custom votes on silent soon. The current votes available are: kickbots 25 percent bots (adds 1/4 bots of max slots) 50 percent bots (adds 1/2 bots of max slots) +5 mins +10 mins crazygravity crazyspeed With all panzer/rifle/sniperwars being added once relevant bugs are fixed. Features include configuration for allowing/disallowing votes in the script, a command to display only enabled votes and a dynamically changing menu (pk3). Using the config section in the script the menu will automatically change and only allowed votes will be available as buttons. I can add more votes if they are requested and of course it is entirely up to the user to decide which votes can be used on the server.
  7. Geo

    Rifle Grenades

    Already use those settings using player limits. Yes. I wouldn't of posted if nobody was considering using it. It is a frequent question asked by players on the server, mainly etpro and I would like at least the option for a choice.
  8. I'd like to request something (a cvar) to mirror the behaviour of b_riflegrenades. It would be useful for say disabling RG for lower numbers (i.e 3o3) as currently I have to disable the complete Rifle weapon and keeping the k43/garand enabled would be ideal. Thanks.
  9. bump Out of curiosity is this something that can be fixed in the next version? I was thinking of creating a temporary fix using lua, pretty sure it is possible
  10. Geo


    I don't quite understand what kind your ideal 'war' mode would be. I was assuming something like !panzerwar etc. If you could specify the settings then i'm sure it would be possible using lua.
  11. Confirmed at "133". Perhaps it would be possible to set the value of that cvar during !panzerwar using lua - setting it back to 400 (default value)
  12. /rcon password g_dmgPanzer
  13. Geo

    excluded maps

    So the example in the wiki should actually have :adlernest: added to the first block as well? Or did I understand that incorrectly? Otherwise I thought the first block would be overriden by the second [players 0-15] set g_excludedMaps ":adlernest:mlb_temple:" [players 16-*] set g_excludedMaps ":adlernest:" [/players]
  14. What do the logs say when !shuffle is used? Forgotten whether it would be etconsole.log or server.log but it might be worth checking those to see if any errors are reported
  15. Geo

    excluded maps

    I can't seem to get this to work either, using the same layout as that except different maps yet they still appear regardless of the number of players
  16. This is still present in 0.7.2, just tested it and at 30 the position changes regardless of the settings.
  17. I prefer anonymity but maybe it could be a setting to either disable or enable whether players can see who has voted for a map, then there is a choice
  18. I wrote a simple script which logs both unknown/known binaries to a seperate log (I prefer seperating the data) and refuses connection to players using a specific cheat binary. This is currently done by specifying the binary in the script itself as I have only detected this one known binary on the server. If more are found, then these can be added to the script or alternatively a .cfg file for the binaries could be used. Note: script is unfinished here, only posting code incase it looks like it could be of any use to other people function et_ClientBinary( clientNum, checksum) local binary = checksum local name = et.gentity_get(clientNum, "pers.netname") local guid = et.gentity_get(clientNum, "sess.guid") local timestamp = os.date("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S") local logLine = timestamp.. "Player: "..name.." silEnT GUID: "..guid.." Binary: "..binary.."\n" et.G_LogPrint(logLine) fd, len = et.trap_FS_FOpenFile("checksums.log", et.FS_APPEND) et.trap_FS_Write(logLine, string.len(logLine), fd) et.trap_FS_FCloseFile(fd) if binary == "30d13c5e1339f3c80ad89ab4525564ab" then et.trap_DropClient ( clientNum, "\^7You have been automatically banned for using a cheat program\n") else return end return 0 end end I also disabled g_ClientBinaries parameter 2 as the point was to seperate the binaries into a dedicated file instead of adding to an existing one.
  19. I would also like this, +1
  20. Sure i'll share what i am using, it would need further testing but i'll create a workable version later and post it
  21. EDIT: found a solution to this problem!
  22. I have a script to record binaries in a seperate log (simpler and easier to use the data for me) but I was wondering whether I can specify between known cheat binaries and unknown client binaries. I was thinking perhaps disallowing players with a cheat binary whilst allowing players with an unknown binary to play (then speccing/checking them). I know there are the g_ClientBinaries parameters (1) but I assumed this is going to kick all unknown binaries, which I don't want as i'm certain some players use custom ET builds and I don't want to kick these without any valid reason. So, is it possible to differentiate between known and unknown binaries? Such as et_ClientBinary( clientNum, checksum, type) where type would be 'known' or 'unknown' for example. Then in my script I can specify actions for players with a cheat binary and ignore those without.
  23. Probably an idea to screenshot/video what happens at the end of each map when you are running lua scripts, it could be anything until a cause is identified
  24. For devs/others: "Yes I tested it, it works" "but the trouble is that it is all of the scripts even botdetect and autopromotion" - so all scripts crash the server... IP de votre server?
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