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  1. http://i.imgur.com/4b5QIjA.png Hello ladies and gentlemen! Our community is a gaming community which is a great community to spend some time with! The community hosts several tournaments for the community members, some examples are Grand Theft Auto V Online and League of Legends tournaments. The winners will get a great reward and it's worth it to spend some time with this community. The community people are nice and kindful. This community is for everyone, we don't care if you're a boy, girl, fat, ugly, lesbian or gay, we accept any kind of people. You can get help from other community members too, like games or computers. You can get help with anything. You can also view others players reviews about games if you're not sure which game you want to buy. The community people has a lot of giveaways too. For the home page: http://www.intergaming.net/ For the forums: http://www.intergaming.net/forum/ For some reviews: http://www.intergaming.net/index.php/review/viewall/1/date_posted/DESC You can view more reviews on the forums. http://i.imgur.com/Q8yMuHH.png Created & Designed by Intergaming.
  2. Welcome to the forums Intergaming :)
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