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Found 6 results

  1. http://intense-gaming.com/images/avenger/misc/logocover.png We are a Forum Community, Where you discuss about Gaming, Technology, Server Advertising, General Tutorials and plenty of useful debates. We are trying our best to be a great environment to meet people, share thoughts, support and other resources to benefit the community in a whole. Intense Gaming Forum Community is a brand new home for not only gamers but people who wish to discuss about matters without restrictions, that being said it doesn't mean you can post inappropriate materials or speak about things that are irrelevant. We are growing very nice and hope to keep forum status running smoothly. Our staff members are mature and professional they are willing to provide an entertaining atompshere for our members. We have many unique functions and features that can be earned by your activity and cooperation with fellow members. We are very strict and full responsible of our actions unlike other communities that doesn't give their members attention they need. Last and not least, we are hoping to gather a huge number of population. Have a wonderful day! www.intense-gaming.com Sincerely Administration Divison
  2. Hey guys. BlazeHosting is now looking for new friends! We don't have clients, but we do have friends! We are a small hosting company so not many people know us but we're hoping to change that! We have great prices and awesome support. We create all of our servers manually so we can be sure that your server is created right the first time. We have staff available around the clock through skype or our live chat. We are willing to take the time to help you get your server setup; from transferring files, installing plugins, or just learning how to start a Minecraft server, we are here for you. When other companies would tell you that it's your own problem and not theirs, we understand that your problems are our problems and we will go out of our way to help you in any way that we can. Not only do we have amazing support but great specs. Our standard servers include: Normal hard drive Unlimited bandwidth 100Mbps network speeds 100 Gbps ddos protection DDR3 ECC Ram Intel Xeon CPU E5-1620 0 @ 3.60GHz! Our premium servers include: Blazing fast SSD drive Unlimited bandwidth 100Mbps network speeds 480 Gbps ddos protection Automatic nightly backups DDR3 ECC Ram Intel Core i7 9xx (Nehalem Class Core i7)! Our official website: https://blazehosting.org/ Our official test ip: (The Skyblock server is on our basic service. It runs 22 plugins on 1GB ram. The Factions server is on our premium service. It runs 71 plugins and is currently using 4GB ram. This network is in no way sponsored by our company, we just have permission from the owner to show off our service via his network.) We offer trial servers if you don't believe us. Just contact a support agent and we will be happy to set one up for you http://www.mc-market.org/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png We are looking forward to making some new friends! The owner of the companies skype is: blazerunner44 The co-owner of the companies skype is: bp.doesmc The owner of the companies email is: blazerunner44@gmail.com
  3. There is some test servers : Coupon code -25% : MGT Minecraft Vanilla : sv5.gshost.co:25565 TF2 Server (No mods) : sv5.gshost.co:27015 SAMP Test server : sv5.gshost.co:7777 ARK Survival Evolved : sv5.gshost.co:27025 FREE TEAMSPEAK3 SERVER OFFER WITH ANY GAME SERVER ORDER http://i.imgur.com/Szzy70W.jpg VOUCHES : [TOS] :
  4. Welcome to Olympus Servers. A division run by Root Layer Technologies. We have teamed up with BuyCraft, MinecraftMarket, Enjin and VyprVPN to bring you guys some truly great deals!
  5. http://redexplosion.co.uk/templates/explosion/img/logo.pnghttp://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x404/WiegandGraphics/TS-Icon-60x60.png Hi there, I assume you are reading this thread as you are searching for a TeamSpeak 3 Server host. Look no further. Red Explosion are an ATHP (Authorized TeamSpeak Hosting Provider), and currently provide servers in the EU and will expand to the US in the near future. We only charge an amazing £0.10/Slot and all services are DDoS protected and backed up regularly. For more information, visit http://www.redexplosion.co.uk or message me personally at lee@redexplosion.co.uk Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you, Lee - CEO of Red Explosion
  6. http://rockhopperhosting.co.uk/image/data/logo.png Want a Game Server Provider that is Affordable and Reliable? Then go to http://rockhopperhosting.co.uk Today. Why Would you pick Rockhopper Hosting as your Service Provider? http://rockhopperhosting.co.uk/image/data/uptime.png http://rockhopperhosting.co.uk/image/data/support.png http://rockhopperhosting.co.uk/image/data/setup.png GUARANTEED 99% UPTIME 24/7 SUPPORT INSTANT SETUP FOR US & EU SERVERS http://rockhopperhosting.co.uk/image/data/cheap_game_hosting.png http://rockhopperhosting.co.uk/image/data/powerful_server.png http://rockhopperhosting.co.uk/image/data/ddos_protection.png CHEAP GAME SERVERS ALL SERVERS 8 CORE DDOS PROTECTED SERVERS FROM ONLY $0.30 PER SLOT. PROCESSORS WITH RAID 1 HDD Games we host: Garry's Mod 13Counter-Strike Global OffensiveCounter-Strike SourceMinecraftLeft 4 Dead 2Day of Defeat SourceTeam Fortress 2We also Provide Mumble Voice server for all your Community needs. For more information go to our website at http://rockhopperhosting.co.uk
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