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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, VoiceServers.co is a brand new voice hosting service offering gamers high quality lowping Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Mumble voice servers at low prices. http://voiceservers.co/ Check us out. Thank YOU!
  2. Website: http://teamcs.net/main/Forum: http://teamcs.net/categoriesTeamspeak: ts.teamcs.net The following is our community rules and guidelines as follows: If you are in this TS, you follow our rules. Ignorance is not an excuse, if you care about our community you will know and respect the rules. Members may not make criticisms, suggestions or insults with regards to a person’s political beliefs, religion, ethnicity, nationality, culture or sexuality. In a tactical shooter you are playing the role of a professional warrior, and real professionals only concern themselves with a person’s ability to operate as a team player. Members must be patient, friendly and courteous with all other members. Everyone isn’t an expert, people need periodic breaks and no one likes a bad attitude. Members are permitted to use mature language and forbidden to complain about it. If a person doesn’t like foul language, we suggest that they take find another community. As a clarification, mature language does not mean derogatory terms. If you have an issue with the statements or behavior of the clan's membership or leadership, talk to the individual privately about it. We ask you try to handle issues at the smallest and most private level. If you have grievances or severe criticisms, issue them privately to an Officer or Senior NCO. If an issue cannot still be resolved then bring your issue to a council member Members are required to maintain OPSEC (Operation Security) by maintaining operational secrecy. That means that everything that goes on in our forum and in communication with our members concerning our tactics, training methods or other pertinent information is not shared with any player outside of the clan. Loose lips sink ships. Only members (i.e. not a recruit) are allowed to and must wear their CS tags in front of their uPlay name. No exceptions. Our community has foundation goals that everyone strives for, but so many few achieve because of either being lazy or the leaders in the community do not care about them anymore. However the community Council Members and Moderators myself included take the time to deal with other members of the community. Here are the following goals for our community: Like every single group of individuals that decide to come together, we too have a few goals in mind when it comes to the growth of our clan. When working as a team, having an objective is necessary. You can’t spend the entire time screwing around and saying “We’ll get better”. Well… you can, but it won’t do you much. That being said, the objectives of this clan are laid out in a way that emphasizes their importance to Cunning Stunts. Cohesion with Clan Members It is of utmost importance that the Cunning Stunts remains both a place for hardcore gamers, and for softcore players when it comes to the more social ones of the group. That being said, Cunning Stunts may emphasize playing on Rainbow Six: Siege, but there are times when it won’t matter what you’re playing, as long as you’re here to be social. This memorandum will describe everything that you may expect from the Cunning Stunts when it comes to gaming with us. Family Cunning Stunts is a family. We aim to make this team more of a family when you are away from family. A family does not lie to each other, a family will work out their differences, and most importantly, a family will be there for each other. Cunning Stunts’ ultimate goal will be to achieve success in building this environment for our players. At the end of the day, when all's said and done, if we achieved this… then Cunning Stunts was a success. Gameplay Communication. One of the most important things when it comes to Rainbow Six: Siege is communication. Silence among team members has never promoted beneficial gameplay. Whether it is calling out “enemy on East side” or “shield on the second floor back stairwell”, something is ALWAYS more than nothing. Serious Attitude Chemistry is not something that is built overnight and it required members to have a serious attitude. By maintaining professionalism you are able to minimize time spent in training, increase your retention of skills that are taught and focus on the task at hand. We need accurate and clear communication in game and by developing a serious attitude we will be able to achieve both. **Competitions/Ranked ** When we compete we do so to both challenge ourselves and Win. Period. Playing against those who do not understand the game’s fundamentals proves nothing to use and does not engage us on the level we require. Only through competition can we achieve what we believe we deserve. Chemistry This cannot come from everyone and not everyone is able to achieve perfect chemistry with their team. It requires selflessness, skill and good communication. If a member cannot achieve chemistry with Cunning Stunts they do not belong here. No Clan Exclusion (unless ranked...) Cunning Stunts is our home and our foundation. Without which we would not be connected the way in which we are. These skills we develop we aim to give back to the clan in a meaningful way. One way we can do so is by taking on Clan members into casual or even ranked (if we feel they are up to it) battles. We will also be able to hold training exercises whereby we can teach our members our newly developed skills.
  3. http://i.imgur.com/UHBP4y4.png www.GamingDOTexe.com Calling all gamers! Gaming.exe has been executed! A new gaming community, made by gamers, for gamers, is now up and running. We focus on games of all genres mainly on the PC platform, and hope to gather a player-base so you always have people to play your favourite game with. Gaming.exe offers a fully functional forum for discussion, a resolution centre should you have any issues, a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server for communication along with professional administrators to handle any issues you might have. So, if you're looking for a group to discuss, talk and play everything gaming in - Try executing Gaming.exe! Gaming.exe is a gaming community made by gamers, for gamers. We invite anyone and everyone to discuss and play everything gaming! You can find us across all social media platforms, additionally you can sign up to our website: www.GamingDOTexe.com The website hosts discussions for all featured games decides by the administration panel, which is of course made up of 5 experienced gamers. You can discuss guides, tips, easter eggs, secrets, mods, comments, reviews and everything else gaming.
  4. http://i.imgur.com/EvwBoCa.png Information: Get your own teamspeak channel: So what are you waiting for?!
  5. ~Iron Gaming~ We are one of the only public team speak communities who bring all games and gamers of all different nationalities and expand it to the whole community. Our server is open for EVERYONE even if you do not play video games. It is possible we will get into other game branches but for now we are a actively growing community of WoW players, LoL, hearthstone and now CSGO within our ranks. Our user base goes from individual people coming in to use our public channels to different guilds/clans that find it easy to host their guilds voice coms through our server. We provide the ranks, permissions, guild section/channels and admin privileges for those guilds/clans who make them selves at home within our community. Like I said all other gamers are welcome or anyone looking to chat with a large group of people of all kinds. All other information on our community can be found by connecting to our TS server and reading sever regulations. We welcome all ages, races and gendrs! Their is no catch and everything we provide is all non profit based, we give you free access to a good place to chat with other players of all types that enjoy playing the same game as you. So whether you need to do some competitive, non competitive game play or just want a channel for you and a few friends to chat in, feel free to join the teamspeak 3 server at any given time for your needs. We have good Admins and Mods so you will be directed if you have any questions or need help with something. We are open to all gamers. Server Address: IronGaming.teamspeak3.org -No Password! If you have further questions please proceed to send me a private message.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/nb2SyS0.png Pwnage Entertainment Network Hey, I am Kurumi and I am one of the Managers at Pwnage Entertainment Network. We are a large and ever growing community with around 1800 members at the moment, we are planning to expand our community during December of 2015 with some new servers such as Garry's Mod : DarkRP, TTT, Jailbreak, Prophunt and Deathrun. We are also planning to create a modded minecraft server with around 50/100 slots and we hope you guys can join us but until then we have our TTT, Deathrun and Prophunt for you guys to come play on if you want to talk to fellow P.E.N players join us on our teamspeak : TS8.GAMESERVERS.COM:9198. Visit our website or steam group for more details! Website - http://pwnage-entertainment.com Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/pwnage_entertainment_network Teamspeak - ts8.gameservers.com:9198
  7. Hey all, Constructive Tyranny is a relatively new gaming community based out of North America. We have a TeamSpeak with a nice non-profit license, IRC, forums, and a few dedicated servers running for different games. We mainly have folks playing 7 Days to Die, Command and Conquer: Renegade-X, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Path of Exile at the moment. We have some other community members who play LoL, DOTA, OSU!, WoW (private server), as well as other miscellaneous Command and Conquer games. Our forums are located at: http://constructiveTyranny.com We have a TeamSpeak at: ts.ConstructiveTyranny.com Our MineCraft server is: mc.constructiveTyranny.com Our 7 Days to Die Server is: constructiveTyranny.com:26900 Our CnC Renegade-X server: constructiveTyanny.com:7777 Everyone is free to use the TeamSpeak and any servers and if you'd like me to set up any other dedicated servers, I'm more than willing to get those rolling for you. I also have plenty of bandwidth and storage on the webserver so if there are any files you need hosted for other friends/community members, let me know and I can be accomodating. Stop by the forums and let us know what you'd like to play and we'll get it going! DoctorB0NG
  8. http://redexplosion.co.uk/templates/explosion/img/logo.pnghttp://i1180.photobucket.com/albums/x404/WiegandGraphics/TS-Icon-60x60.png Hi there, I assume you are reading this thread as you are searching for a TeamSpeak 3 Server host. Look no further. Red Explosion are an ATHP (Authorized TeamSpeak Hosting Provider), and currently provide servers in the EU and will expand to the US in the near future. We only charge an amazing £0.10/Slot and all services are DDoS protected and backed up regularly. For more information, visit http://www.redexplosion.co.uk or message me personally at lee@redexplosion.co.uk Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you, Lee - CEO of Red Explosion
  9. Pretty new to reddit not gonna lie, so I'm not sure if posting this is against the rules. However I did read up on them. I just wanted to bring y'all a pretty active server that some of you may enjoy. We are a gaming community that host many different types of servers, and teams such as: CSGO, TTT, Prophunt, DarkRP, Minecraft (Roleplay and more), Smite, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Teamspeak, etc. The box is hosted in Canada however most of our players are U.S Based. If you want to check us out here are some links below. I'll answer any questions or anything in the comments. Hope you guys enjoy and have a good day! Website: http://solisgamers.com/index.php Teamspeak IP: Feel free to join us!
  10. http://www.claytonia.net/images/1.png Claytonia.net Gaming is looking for more people to join our in on our forum discussions and Teamspeak conversations. Claytonia gaming is a small, friendly gaming community that has been offering a public TS server and gaming forums for 2 years. We started as a Minecraft community and quickly grew into a much more diversified group of gamers. We have a great group of people who are always looking for new gamers to join us. If you tired of gaming alone or just need a voice chat server (Voice.Claytonia.net) check out Claytonia.net and find some new friends.
  11. www.paybacknow.nl Who are we? PayBackNow is a group of people who like to have a good time while playing FPS online games. Currently we are focused on Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) ,Battlefield 3 (BF3), League Of Legends (LOL) , PayDay and many other games. We use a Teamspeak server for in game communication.The Gaming Community PayBackNow is created as a fun, laid back gaming environment to give gamersfor any game a place to call home and be able to help expand the community to others around the world.The community strives off of member activity and the more that members are involved the more the community grows.So we don't just stick to one game, rather try to have as many games as possible associated with the community. Please feel free to come and play pugs with us, check out our website and forums for our next pug date we look forward to having you on our servers! Our motto is "We do not care how good you are, all we want you to do is have fun while playing in our servers!" www.paybacknow.nl
  12. Welcome to Escambia County Sheriff's Office We are a Professional/Realism Clan that likes to have fun and still be serious during patrols. Positions * County Sheriff * Fire Department * Ambulance Services * Regional Communications Centre If you are interested in applying please go to this Teamspeak server: ts79.light-speed.com:7896
  13. Contact Enterprise Gaming for a free Teamspeak Server through management@enterprisegaming.org or visit our teamspeak at ts.enterprisegaming.org http://www.enterprisegaming.org
  14. Enterprise Gaming offers our sponsors a free teamspeak server ranging from 15 to 50 slots if they meet certain guide lines. The guide lines are as follows. 1: You must not already have a teamspeak with more than 25 slots. 2: You must not have more than 150 members in your community. 3: You must be able to follow our non profit guide lines These servers are in limited supply, so contact us to set up a sponsorship on our teamspeak at ts.enterprisegaming.org or email us through management@enterprisegaming.org - Venom (CEO of Enterprise Gaming and EG Radio) http://www.enterprisegaming.org venom@enterprisegaming.org
  15. Looking for a family-friendly place to squad up and have fun? Join IGN! We are looking for active players. Our age limit is 16yrs+. If you like drama-free groups join us! International Gaming Network was formed on December of 2013. With the help of our members, IGN will be a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone. We currently play Battlefield: Play4Free, DayZ, League of Legends, Minecraft, and World of WarCraft. IGN is a DRAMA-FREE community. We are accepting people from all around the world that are 16 years old and higher. Our main goal here at IGN is to not only grow but to also make this community safe and enjoyable for others. IGN is split up into divisions. The active divisions that we support right now are Battlefield: Play4Free, DayZ, League of Legends, Minecraft, and World of WarCraft. Each division has a DL (Division Leader) and an ADL( Assistant Division Leader). We are a balanced community and what that means is that we don't focus on just one genre of games. We like FPS, MMO, Strategy, etc. We are recruiting for all of them! All we want is to just have fun and socialize. So if you are interested all of our information is listed below! Website: http://igncommunity.enjin.com/ TeamSpeak 3 Server: http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/ign.tempestgamers.com/ (YOU MUST HAVE A WORKING MICROPHONE)
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