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Weird issue with a PLANT goal of wolfsrudel_final

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Good evening,


I've just played the map online and noticed the Allies weren't planting the Main Radiomast (main objective with 2 radar parts to steal and secure)


I've loaded up the map with its waypoints, drawn the PLANT_.* goals, and I saw there were no goal

In case I've renamed the _goals file to something else, to start fresh, same result

I've then created a custom PLANT goal called Main_Radiomast through the V menu

I couldn't edit it for cover spot, so I did a map_restart, after a goal_save ofc


Another draw_goals

And then... a PLANT_Radiomast_1 is drawn! But not my PLANT_Radiomast!


Commenting out my custom one and removing the _1 from the other, map_restart, not drawn again!


The current map script handles that PLANT_Main_Radiomast_1, but the bots don't seem to do it


Can someone confirm this?


Map download link (based on PK3 name): https://www.wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=1030





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