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Question about team_WOLF_objective

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Good morning,


I have a question regarding the team_WOLF_objective game entity


I tried to grab their position using (example map: [uJE] Cathedral, after /entitylist):

GetEntWorldAABB( GetGameEntityFromId( 102 ) ).CenterPoint()

But it returns (0, 0, 0)


I was wondering if these are special entities that don't have a position, or is it an OB-sided thingy, or something else?


I know I can just define constants by hand, but I was wondering this still


Thank you

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Good morning,


Thank you for your answer :)


I knew the ID could change depending on the compilation build but not with mods, yeah right mods injecting entities


There's one spawn without a name so I'll go with an hardcoded constant then, and names with the other ones

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