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Bot glitching with a specific PLANT goal on Ruins of Acquiesce

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Good evening,


Axis bots seem to have trouble planting the Closet Door on that map; they keep switching between planting and roaming at a fast pace


With the current waypoint on Assembla repo, with a little timescale command, you can quickly see an Axis Engi bot doing the necessary to reach that goal then glitch as pointed above


Seen locally and online on a dedicated server


Map download link: https://www.wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=771


Could someone please take a look?

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That ruins32.gm script is for old Omni-bot version 0.71. The Map.Switches table does not work since Omni-bot 0.8. and has to be converted to SWITCH goals. The MOVER_tank goal should be removed. But the most critical bug is that all priorities are extremely high. Priorities of normal high level goals should never be greater than 0.9.

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