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Hi guys!

First of all, I have to thank Mateos for his help, without whom I wouldn't be here. 

I am a big fan of the RtCW game. I missed 8 years, then returned to RtCW in 2020. I am very happy to see that there are still active players, so I started setting up servers. I currently run 3 servers, one of which is omni-bot. (More info: rtcw.hu)

I have many questions, but I will try to summarize them briefly:

- Is there a similar program to RtCW that would make my job significantly easier?
=== I see that there is one for ET: http://svn.assembla.com/svn/omnibot/Enemy-Territory/0.8/tools/route_tool/ or OB_DMS https://www.mediafire.com/file/r78cd624jmjwr09/OB_DMS.zip/file 
I see that this is a good program that would make my job easier! So is such a program available for RtCW? (Pictures attached)

- The question is, how to specify something to do with the bot?
=== For example the radar_b1 map Allies spawn. Bots start by firing a gun at the window. How can this be programmed? (They only advance if the player shoots out the window.)
Then mp_ruiner map.  I lead the bots to the big gate, where at first the bots just run around, then they realize that dynamite needs to be installed, but minutes go by until then, this doesn't look very good in gameplay. 
The other way is up a ladder to a cliff where they don't deposit dynamite at all. I believe these features work by default, no?




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I never used OB_DMS. I use keyboard shortcuts for everything. You can bind keys to Omni-bot commands in your server config.

bind KP_INS "bot addbot"
bind KP_DEL "bot kickall"
bind g "bot sag"
bind = "set timescale 9"
bind - "set timescale 1"
bind BACKSPACE "noclip"

You can also define your custom commands in file omni-bot/rtcw/scripts/rtcw_autoexec_user.gm

Commands["wc"] = function(_params)
	ExecCommand("waypoint_addflag crouch");
Commands["g"] = function(_params)
	ExecCommand("goal_create " + _params[0] + " " + _params[1]);
Commands["gp"] = function(_params)
	arg = _params[0];
	if (tableCount(_params) > 1) {
		arg += " " + _params[1];
	ExecCommand("goal_setproperty " + arg);
Commands["nav"] = function(_params)
	if(_params[0]==null){ ExecCommand("waypoint_clearproperty paththrough"); }
	else{ ExecCommand("waypoint_setproperty paththrough Navigation_PT:" + _params[0]); }

Bots need a gm script in order to know what to do. Have you read the wiki ?

If you already made some waypoints, please post them here.

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Thank you for your reply Palota! 
I'll start by saying that I'm just an enthusiastic tester, not a programmer. I've been involved in setting up and testing our servers but I have some beginner bots knowledge. So I am learning :)
- Well, does the noclip work? I have needed it many times already...does it only work for key command invocation (for example:bind BACKSPACE "noclip") can't it be written into the console or put into the map startup code? For example: "wolfmp +set fs_game omnibot +map mp_escape - noclip" (will this work?)
- Yes I looked on the wiki but I had difficulties (English on one hand and programming on the other. But both can be learned I believe :)
It's good that you showed me a code snippet right away, so I can get straight to the point, this is exactly where I got stuck: programming gm files. Dumping and setting up waypoints is lengthy but I like doing it, but I can't manage the gm files. 
Yes I have at least 10 maps for which I have created the waypoints, but maybe more. However, this way I can't publish them on a public server, because it's funny how the bots just run around the map without a destination. I can create the mapgm and the goals gm ("bot makemapgm", "/bot goal_save") but I can't type in when to do what.
My last job is the ww_beach map (wildwest_beach) where the waypoints are 95% done and the allies go for the obj but can't get it to the goal, so I didn't continue working on the map (I wrote about it here: Fearless Assassins.  I upload the working files here, and map dl: Wildwest Beach

(Then the ff_axis_complex v2 is my latest work where the flag is in another room and therefore cannot find the allies checkpoint however if I delete the goals file then it works with the map. Interesting :))

I have more maps questions, but let's not get ahead of ourselves...

wildwest_beach.gm wildwest_beach.way wildwest_beach_goals.gm wildwest_beach-jobb.way

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  • noclip works only if cheats are enabled. To enable cheats, you must start a map with devmap command instead of map command.
  • English is easy to learn. Programming languages are hard to learn.
  • Wildwest beach is similar to mp_beach. I would recommend to look into file mp_beach.gm to find some inspiration.
  • Engineer try to plant a dynamite on the nearest waypoint. If the nearest waypoint is behind the wall, they cannot get to it and fail. You should move the waypoints near the beach wall.
  • You must create a CAPPOINT goal at the mine cart where the gold has to be delivered.
  • Why there is usepath property at the waypoints near the mine cart ? You should never use usepath, it is obsolete. If you remove it, then bots can go downstairs to the gold.
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  • 1 month later...

Thanks for the advice. I will finish this map later.
I have some important questions. From the beginning, I don't know how to load .bsp files into the RtCW 1.4 client? I am building a new server, the test version is already available. The point is, I am transferring Single Player maps to MultiPlayer and I have a map (Baseout) with .bsp, .script .way file available for me. The map works, but the bug is that after the Axis spawn, the bots run in the wrong direction, leaving the obj virtually unguarded, so the Allies can win in 40 seconds. I should edit it to make them run in the right direction or to protect the obj, but I can't load the map edit. I can only load .pk3 files. So: how to load bsp files into RtCW 1.4 client? 

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I think it's impossible to directly load a .bsp file. But you can easily make .pk3 from it. Create a new maps folder, move .bsp and .script files into the folder, compress the maps folder to ZIP, rename ZIP to PK3, then move PK3 to Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Main.

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