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RtCW -The bots are not used with MG42 guns

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I'll try to summarize: the RtCW Multiplayer developers gave me 2 engines one is rtcwPub and the other is rtcwPubj.
The Pub is the player only engine and the Pubj is the same with bots support. I use both, but my questions here are only for the Pubj engine. 

I had a dream come true when we installed them, but I encountered some problems :)
I have always been a RtCW 1.0 player, sometimes I use 1.4. 
The observation is that the W@R server runs under windows, and on it runs a very old omnibot 0.83 (I think). Playing on the server I am happy to see that the bots use the MG42 cannons, which ours which is 0.85 omnibot refuse to do so. A long time ago (at least 10 years ago) on another bot server I saw that they not only use the cannons but also repair them!

I rent a VPS server and use ubuntu linux 18.4, that's what I run the Pub and Pubj servers on. The latter is 0.85 with omnibots shared. You wrote to tell me the map name: none of the maps work with this feature!

I will share some links, maybe they can give some information: 

Is this enough information to start with?

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