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Wp.SetWaypointFlag when several waypoints have the same name

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Good afternoon,

I'm doing waypoints for a map which has team doors getting removed/added depending on destructibles

I have set the same name for multiple waypoints to add/remove the team and door flags, so it only takes 1 call to Wp.SetWaypointFlag per flag (with a function being passed true/false ofc)

Well, that's what I thought ^^' It is only performed on the 1st waypoint (lowest UID)

It does look like an overlook, since there's no issue naming several waypoints the same way (they have their UID), and I don't see the point giving each waypoint a different name to have a different call to the function ^^'

Extra question, haven't  tried it: can a table be passed to that function? According to Wiki only a string is expected

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Extra question!
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2 hours ago, palota said:

A table can't be passed to Wp.SetWaypointFlag. But you can use regular expressions. You can append .* to the parameter.

Ah, wasn't precise enough regarding the table, I meant something like:

Wp.SetWaypointFlag( "waypoint_name_given_to_several_waypoints", { "axis", "door" }, true );


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