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Reading an entity value using its key

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Good evening,

I wanted to edit the DrawSpawns ETUtil function/console command to render the Axis spawns in red and Allied ones in blue

GetEntTeam doesn't work on CLASS.PLAYERSTART entity (returns null), and perhaps editing the C++ code can have side-effects (if some entity filtering is done using this command, and this kind of entity isn't supposed to be returned)

I thought about reading the classname value to do the discrimination, but can't find any existing example in the GM files

How to do so?

Thank you


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I modified C++ code so that GetEntTeam works for spawns. It's in the mod. On Windows you need to compile qagame_mp_x86.dll from project GameInterfaces\ET\src\game\game_2013.vcxproj.

GetEntTeam is used in many map scripts, but it should not break anything because it is used only in region triggers which are triggered for CLASS.ANYPLAYER.

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