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ETUtil.SetExcludeIndexes for ESCORT to update living bots

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Good afternoon,

I've noticed that ETUtil.SetExcludeIndexes isn't taken into account by bots for ESCORT goals until they die (even when going for an other goal like REVIVE then going back to ESCORT will not update)

You can quickly see it on Ruins of Acquiesce latest waypoints from the SVN repo, there's a MapDebugPrint for related RegionTriggers, and it's working fine for the BUILD one

Can someone confirm first?

If reproduced, can the behaviour be aligned with the BUILD one?

Thank you in advance



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You can disable/enable the ESCORT goal to immediately change indexes.

ETUtil.SetExcludeIndexes( "ESCORT_neotics_tank", RegionsTriggers.ESCORT_TANK_LEFT_OFFSETS );
SetAvailableMapGoals( TEAM.AXIS, false, "ESCORT_neotics_tank");
SetAvailableMapGoals( TEAM.AXIS, true, "ESCORT_neotics_tank");


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