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Script or tool to automatically convert 0.8x WAY files to 0.9 file format

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Good afternoon,

Is there a script or tool available to automatically convert 0.8x WAY files to 0.9 file format?

Some people made navigational waypoints outside SVN for maps not having any over there, and now they're stuck ^^"

Btw will try to get these files to incomplete_navs to avoid this in the future, if it is OK

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Oh right it's upon saving that they're converted to 0.9 format, the version serializers are all there to read and load

Someone from ETS clan at the least

So no need for a tool or script, perfect, thank you!

Edit: I was unsure because, in the past, I did recompile and replace a single library, and then it went broke, because I was missing the newly added 0.9 serializer in an other lib I guess...

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Just adding to this, as the new version is 0.9 all the new files are been commited are to the version 0.8 folder which could be confusing.

As they are not backwards compatable would a new 0.9 folder be better, so its clearer for what version they are for?

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