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Disabling combat movement in path through (re-enabling it in OnExit ofc/automatically?)

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Good evening,

I've just refreshed old waypoints I was asked for years ago for Missing in Action v1: Wolffiles.de - your filebase

The main objective is to pick up 3 MIAs being held in bamboo cages

It requires precise positioning and aiming (stance, as crouch, helps a lot, but isn't required)

When Allied bots have Axis enemies in sight, they'll do combat movement (but seem to keep the highly prioritized aiming, thus not engaging shooting, so that's fine to my mind), breaking that precision scripted in related path through navigation tables

Is it possible to disable CM like for ATTACK/CAMP/DEFEND spots through script?

Can it be re-enabled automatically upon exiting, or will it require an instruction in OnExit table?

Thanks in advance



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