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V1 Rocket (Beta 2) - SWITCH entity triggered if bot in-game at map start in silEnT mod only...

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Good evening,

Just witnessed something quite weird with a switch in V1 Rocket, only with silEnT, only with a least a bot in-game...

There's a trigger called rocdoor_Moving, fired when you press a switch to open/close the room where you grab the rocket fuel, in the last map area

This trigger is fired during map start, only under silEnT, only when a bot is in-game (tested with the Axis team)

If yourself you jointed Axis, but no bot, no trigger; all this doesn't happen with OB mod

I've noticed that on an online server, and was able to reproduce that locally; narrowed it down easily,  because there's a single location where the Axis have that availability managed, and adding a MapDebugPrint revealed it (printed before OnMapLoad one btw)

What kind of madness is this? After that MLB Egypt weird thingy some months ago

Map download: Wolffiles.de - your filebase

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If there is at least one bot, then OnMapLoad is called immediately before OnBotJoin. If there are no bots, then OnMapLoad is called from BotUpdate. It depends on mod when it sends GAME_CLIENTCONNECTED event and when it calls BotUpdate function. Your gm map script should not depend on specific time when OnMapLoad is called. It can be one time frame earlier in silEnT.

The door lever is always moved at the beginning of the game. Your trigger function will be called only if it is registered by OnTrigger. The trigger is missed if OnTrigger is called after the lever has moved.

You can fix it by moving line OnTrigger( "rocdoor_lever1_Moving", Map.rocdoor_Moving ) to the end of OnMapLoad and insert sleep(1) before it.

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