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Thousands of new ETPlayers ?


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Maybe a dream, maybe not, please listen to me :



1/ Imagine a free Android App for smartphone/tablets, called ETSpec, who can view the etmasterlist (maybe filtered on silEnT, to avoid downloading the 0.8.1 pk3), and connect to a server.


Not a playable version ( I know there's a playable App for RTCW, but I talk about a Spectator engine, FPS'games are unplayable on smartphone, you delete it after trying one hour ), just like when you choose Spectator in limbo-menu of our ET.


2/ Imagine now the surprise for the customers: "Oh what's this game ? Look, we can watch them in direct-live ? WTF these amazing-jumps ! Hey look, I can follow this very good player ! Men, this guy is really noob lol ! This game is playable and multi-players for free ??? "  ==> for sure a part of them will install the real game on their computer (PC/Mac/linux)  if a "good" link is furnished (maybe Harlekin all-in-one package?) in the App review ==>  thousands of new ETPlayers are going to join us !!!


3/ And of course, ET fanatics like you and me will be able to watch their favorite server anywhere at anytime, but it is not the main goal.



Thanks for reading


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