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chat logging - Enemy Territory LUA

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File Name: chat logging

File Submitter: hellreturn

File Submitted: 26 Aug 2014

File Category: LUA


Chat LUA to log chats in a separate file for easy review of what's happening on your server,

Credit: Internet source.

Download it and upload it to your silent mod folder and add the chat.lua in your LUA server settings config.


Click here to download this file

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I get an error: 

16:26:31 Lua API: Loading chat.lua
16:26:31 Lua API: syntax error during pre-compilation: [string "chat.lua"]:22: 'end' expected (to close 'function' at line 18) near '<eof>'


I put chat.lua in my Silent folder


Added it to my silent.cfg

set lua_modules "autopromo.lua,spec.lua,chat.lua"


Something I didn't do?

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