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ETPro Support in near future

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I managed to makeshift my way to lua 5.0 compatibility, in a separate branch of LESM 2.7.5


Basically was able to get ingame and do commands with no errors now.


Haven't tested all the features, but I don't think I will run into anything too surprising now, possibily a few things that will not be fully functional.


But I am pretty excited for the future :P



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To an extent yes.


You will be able to use most of the LESM commands blacklist(ban/kick),warn,mute,finger,freeze,ignore,pm etc.


It isn't like I am adding some uniquely identified hardware guid to everyone though so them coming back if they have access to multiple ip's is still an issue.


If you would like to test it I can give you a package, haven't worked on it in a while can't remember where I left off.

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