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  1. Happy Birthday Bluemax!
  2. Happy Birthday Bluemax!
  3. Happy Birthday Bluemax!
  4. Happy Birthday Bluemax!
  5. Zelly You mean we could have more tools to stop the damn annoying hackers...like when I tried to do "Friday Night Fights" with ETPRO and Sever got wacked every hour or more! lol Blue
  6. I moved the the 2 qagame and the silent.pk3 off and replaced them and it works again...... Box was plugged in via router into DSL modem and have one of my websites as redirect...Nothing special been that way for a long time....
  7. I disabled // silent tac and it still bans me.....hahaha ))))))))))))))))) Thinking about renaming server the "Ban Wagon" !!!!
  8. I was just playing at Old Farts Silent server and no client side issues.....I might have corrupt server files but server still runs with bots...etc and it hands out Bans like Shacking hands(lol)...I feel sorry for the people who connected and got a surprise. ----Bluemax
  9. Yes, Game installed default location.....I have never had any trouble like this! C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory I'm afraid to connect else-ware now...lol I did load Mark C Mouse Fix ...but have been using that for years.
  10. Did it and the new files DL'ed correctly from redirect and then client crashed when trying to join with message " BG_IndexForString:unknown token" and (animations/scripts/human_base.script line 22" <---not 100% grammatically correct but you get the Idea. So my Silent.PK3 on server must be corrupt? -Blue P.S. just let me know what files you want and will .zip them and send to you.
  11. It just banned me again....I deleted all the bans and /exec silent.cfg in rcon and did it again....WTH
  12. I grabbed the machine and brought it home to mess with it....The windows machine I used to connect is clean win7 load and within 2 weeks clean load of ET. I have had this server in operation for at least 1 year. Home server at first then dropped on a empty DSL modem that was not being used. -Blue just thought it was weird and wanted make sure people are aware of the glitch...Maybe it was something that locked up on my Linux box.....
  13. [ban] name = ^0#^xGoblin^1Killa guid = *.* sguid = *.* ip = *.* reason = Automatic ban based on technical evidence of cheats. made = 10/10/15 23:22:32 expires = 529582952 banner = silEnT ident = 0000000026B0DFD9
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