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MIA Clan Gaming Community (BF3, 4, HL, Ark: SE, ArmA, CS GO etc..)

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MIA Clan




​Here at the MIA Clan we pride ourselves in sustaining an enjoyable gaming environment. MIA was founded in 2005 by Undertaker. He wanted gamers from all over the world to have a fun social gaming community to come to. In creating the MIA Clan he created a functioning system that promotes a fun gaming experience. With our code of ethics we strive to ensure that we continue to have the best reputation in the gaming world. We have dedicated council members whom have been members of MIA for many years. They appoint Division Leaders & those Division Leaders appoint Assistant Division Leaders.


Divisions, Sub Divisions & Leaders

 Division                              Division Leader                                    


 Ark: Survival Evolved               JackalopeHunter


  ArmA 3                                    Morgue2903


BF3, 4, Hardline                      MrClicks


  CS: GO                                   Scorpion


World of Tanks                       Raptor


  Console (PS4, XB1)               Tidaslam


                   We are always open to other games so let us know what you play!


  Council Members




WRXS*** Andrea











  Recruit Department












MIA Clan is a family oriented gaming community. We expect people who play on our servers to be respectful. This includes no cursing in TeamSpeak or in-game chat. Our head of security, VMAX6, works diligently to ensure that cheaters of any kind are prohibited from joining our clan. 


Know that when you join the MIA Clan you are joining a fair & balanced gaming community that puts a focus of having the most fun possible.


If you have any questions about becoming a member of the MIA Clan feel free to join our TeamSpeak channel @ You can also get more information by visiting our website at http://miaclan.net. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Look forward to seeing you!

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